Bone health in human body is the key to overall health and there is a very simple reason for this and that is your bones must be strong enough to support the body structure and your bones make it possible that every day activities can be performed. Milk is usually used by many as a primary source of Calcium but some people either do not like milk or cannot drink milk for some other reasons and health problems. For these type of people it is very important to fulfill the needs of Calcium by other alternative ways of getting Calcium without Milk or Dairy.

The bones are composed of various materials but majority of it is Calcium and if we do not take enough Calcium through our diet our body will take out Calcium from its bones sometimes which is not good because it can result in loss of bone thickness and loss. When a bone loss occur or the bone density decreases there is a very high chance that fractures can be caused easily after they get Osteoporosis.

So a diet plan must be made carefully so that we include food in our diet to fulfill our Calcium requirements just from diet. Although you can take supplements too but the problems with supplements is that the minerals in supplements are not that easily absorbed in the body. On the other hand minerals that we take from our diet are more easily and readily absorb able and therefore more beneficial.

Calcium is an very important element which is not only necessary for your bones but it is required for nearly every function in our bodies. Most of the degenerative diseases like osteoporosis are the result of poor quality supplementation having very less amount of calcium than required by our body.

Green leafy vegetables and Calcium

There are many foods which have enough amount of calcium to fulfill our daily needs of Calcium. The Green and leafy Vegetables including Broccoli, Mustard greens, Kale and Spinach and more and can be an excellent source of Calcium for people of every age. One must increase the amount of green vegetables especially the ones mentioned above to get adequate amount of Calcium especially if you do not take milk and have to get your daily Calcium without Milk or other dairy products like cheese or Yogurt.

Nuts, Seeds and Calcium

Nuts and seeds can are also full of Calcium and and excellent source. Nuts and sees also have Omega 3 fats and other useful ingredients so they nuts must be regularly consumed. Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Sesame seeds and Walnuts are the type of nuts which are available easily in the market.

Root vegetables and Calcium

Some Root vegetables have also sufficient content of Calcium and nutritionist advice them to be used in sufficient quantity if you do not consume milk . Some of the root veggies having most of Calcium content in them are Parsnip, turnip, squash, and okra and sweet potatoes.

Bean , Legumes Consumption and Calcium

Beans are another food which you can regularly take to make sure that you are consuming enough amount of Calcium. People who have osteoporosis are specifically take care of their diet very carefully as they are at higher risk of losing their bones and could end up with fractures in their bones. Best beans for Cancer are Quinoa, Black beans and Kidney beans.

Other good sources of Calcium

There are some other foods which we can include in our regular diet to get enough amount of Calcium and they are Carob, sesame paste, almond butter, sea vegetables, cocoa, figs and molasses. Most of the time people who take ordinary diet do not have to worry much about their Calcium intake but the important thing is that we have to include a wide variety of foods in our diet. We have a strong belief from our childhood that Milk is a very good source of Calcium and that we can only get our required amount of daily dose of calcium from dairy products and different types of milk like Cow Milk, Goat Milk or Calcium supplements. The plant based foods that contain Calcium in good amounts will no contain enough Calcium as Milk but they are also rich in other minerals too. All of these tips to get calcium from other sources are there fore more helpful and especially for individuals who have Lactose intolerance and do not or cannot take mil products.