There is a lot of research going on in the world to find a cure for the deadly disease of Cancer. Although the cure of cancer have not been found yet but still due to the better screening and early detection the survival rate amongst the people diagnosed with cancer is improving. Cancer as a disease has more than one  reason to start and for thats why Cancer is to difficult to cure. To understand why Cancer is so tough and hard to cure you have to know first that what Cancer is and what are the reasons for Cancer in human beings.

Actually there are 100 s of types of Cancer and there is a different treatment and cures for every type of Cancer. Some types of Cancer are widely spread and some are very rare forms of Cancer. Every type of Cancer have different reasons and the the treatment method is difficult and distinct for every form of Cancer. Some Cancers will respond to Chemotherapy and radiology while other will respond to other treatments.

Other reasons that the cancer is very tough to treat are that the most common types of Cancer like breast Cancer have more drugs available due to more research on these types of common Cancers. Most of the times your doctors will try to shrink the Cancerous tumors and then later on remove the left over mass with the help of surgery.

There are wide variety and ways to cure and treat Cancer in different health establishments. Naturopaths believe that the Cancer can be cured with the help of some special foods and supplements and it is our life style and food which is responsible for increasing the rates of Cancer . On the other hand Homeopaths think that there some other problem in the body and as a result of that problem the Cancer tumor has begun and  Homeopath will therefore try to find out reasons for Cancer and the root problems why it started and then try to treat Cancer.

What ever the treatment may be but all agree to one thing and that is if a person is detected in early stages of Cancer then there is a better chance to cure the disease. The reason for this is that to treat a tumor at early stages is easy as there is a good chance that the cancer has not conquered other parts of the body at earlier stage and even if you do surgery or follow other medical regime there is a greater chance that the Cancer can be cured at this stage and it will not Come back in form of recurrence.