Why Samsung 9 Series Laptop is worth buying

Samsung 9 Series Laptops were released in the early months of 2011 and is considered to be True Mac Book Air Competitor. It is very sleek and light weight. It has few pros and few cons.

First of all we will list some pros here:

  • Very slim with Super slim rigid metal body , thin and lightweight (The weight is less than 3 pounds)
  • Fancy and cool finishing and very glossy.
  • The display is very bright and good on Eyes


  • They Samsung series 9 Laptops are quite expensive to purchase and the start price was around 1600 $ where as MacBook Air price was around 1300 $s.
  • The processor in Samsung Series 9 are quite powerful for Normal scale applications and this Notebook comes with a Core i5 processor which makes it a cool gadget because Macbook air usually comes with Core2 Duo.
  • Battery life is pretty good and Samsung 9 Series Laptops battery life is more than 4 hours.

So you can say that this is a great Laptop and Samsung 9 Series is a great laptop if you want a notebook which is ultralight in weight and still looks to the eye but you do not need a lots of computing power. This is not the greatest value laptop in terms of cost but if you are looking for a good looking laptop then Samsung 9 Series Laptop  is definitely for you.