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Cancer Immunotherapy For Advanced Tumors having mismatch repair defect

Recently FDA have approved immunotherapy which is a breakthrough for Cancer and advanced malignancies. Uptil now FDA only approved the immunotherapy drugs for the site where the tumor originated but now one can get these highly effective drugs after the cancer tumor is positive for mismatch repair defect. This is a very good news for the patient with rare malignancies which does not have any cure as of now.

Now even they even can be treated if they have mismatch repair defect in their genes. Immunotherapy is gaining momentum with the passage of time and now there are hundreds of clinical trials across the world testing immunotherapy drugs for Cancer going on around the world.

As of right now these new drugs are very high price and is beyond the reach of most patients if there insurance does not cover the treatment but with the passage of time this will definitely change. More and more Pharma are joining race to bring new immunotherapic drugs into the market and its now billions of dollar industry.

Anti-Cancer Foods

Anti-Cancer Foods

The number of people diagnose with cancer still continue to rise despite the effort that health practitioners putting to empower the public about cancer and how to prevent it. According to research published in thousand of scientific articles certain foods like Garlic, Ginger, Berries, Cruciferous vegetables, Green Tea and vegetables are anti-cancer and can prevent and protect the body from developing Cancer. Although this terrible disease does not distinguish between young and old but still as the person grow older the chance of getting Cancer also increases. One main factor that has contributed to increase in cancer incidence is the food that people include in their diet. The chance of getting Cancer goes to maximum when one cross 50 years of age. Unlike the past where people used to embrace healthy foods, nowadays most people prefer to eat highly processed foods and junk foods that are not good for our health. Although scientist think that cancer can some times come from the genetics but still many types and incidences of Cancer varies with Environmental changes and dietary changes. The food that you include in your diet can increase or lower your chances of getting cancer. In this article, we are going to focus on anti-cancer foods that you need to include in your diet.

1. Garlic and its Anti-Cancer Effects

Several clinical studies that have been conducted have shown people who include garlic on their meals are less likely to develop various types of cancer especially those that are related to digestive organs like the stomach, esophagus as well as the colon. Garlic is also good for inflammation as it is also a big culprit of Cancer development. Garlic contain special ingredients that help to keep cancer causing substances at bay. Garlic have anti Cancer effects which prevent cancer cells from multiplying uncontrollably. Experts recommend that you should include garlic in your diet to decrease your chances of developing cancer.

2. Berries and its Anti-Cancer Effects

Do you know that berries is Anti-Cancer and can help your body fight various types of cancers? As tasty as they are, berries contain very powerful antioxidants that help to frustrate a naturally occurring process that create free radical that can damage your cells. Various scientific studies have also shown that berries contain certain compounds that help to prevent cancer cells from spreading to other parts of the body. This spread of Cancer to other parts of the body is called metastases and berries stop this process. Including berries in your diet will go a long way in helping to fight and prevent cancer.

3. Cruciferous vegetables and its Anti-Cancer Effects

Cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower contain very vital components that are particularly helpful in helping your body fight cancer. Research have actually found that certain components found in these vegetables can help fight free radicals that can damage your cell DNA turning them cancerous. They have also been clinically proven slow down aging of cells and to help protect you from chemicals that cause cancer as well as slow the growth of tumors. They also help build immunity of the body against cancer. In addition to that, they also help cancer cells to die a precess which is called apoptosis.

4. Green tea and its Anti-Cancer Effects

Green tea is rich in antioxidant known as catechins that has been clinically proven to help fight cancer. Some people consider green tea as a Miracle food for Cancer. Various laboratory studies have shown that catechins, an ingredient that green tea contains in abundance can help prevent free radicals from damaging other body cells. This can prevent ordinary cells so that they can not convert to cancerous. In addition to that, this ingredient also helps reduce the growth of tumors that are cancerous.

5. Whole grains and its Anti-Cancer Effects

A research that was conducted by the American Institute for Cancer Research found out that whole grains contain a lot of component that are very beneficial in fighting cancer. Such components include antioxidants and fiber. Whole grain enhances natrual ability of the immune system to halt progression. It has also been found that people who include whole grain in their diet are at lower risk of developing any type of Cancer.

6. Leafy green vegetables and its Anti-Cancer Effects

Leafy green vegetables such as lettuce and spinach are good source of lutein, antioxidants as well as beta-carotene which are very beneficial in fighting cancer. Various scientific studies have shown that leafy green vegetables help to limit the growth of cancer cells and even can some time reverse cancer or at least slow down the progression of disease.

At the end it would be worth mentioning that Cancer is not just one disease but it is many type of diseases . No two Cancers are same for example kidney Cancer and Liver Cancer are complete different and have different treatment regimes. With food one can just reduce the chances but one should immediately contact their doctors and does not solely rely on foods for cure.

Walmart To Challenge Amazon Prime

Walmart To Challenge Amazon Prime

The biggest retailer(Walmart) is all set to take on biggest online seller(Amazon) soon. Customers will be the one who will benefit with this competition. According to the news Walmart next focus is to increase its online sales and it will be launching a service called Tahoe which will offer free shipping to customer all over United states. Currently amazon offers amazon prime by membership and customers gets free shipping for a year on most products if they are amazon prime member.

This move will definately give a challenge to amazon as it have sustained its online sales due to prime members ordering online again and again. Walmart plan is to introduce this free shipping services perhaps at half the price that a customer have to pay for amazon prime. This Walmart product was due to launch last year but some how it was delayed and now they are planning to launch soon. Soon the customers may see a new Walmart website with more eCommerce friendly interface and with more options like customer reviews and more product pictures with different dimensions as these are the features which make amazon unique and favorite for most of its customers.

In terms of infrastructure Walmart is already ahead of Amazon as it already have stores scattered all over USA from where they can distribute the products. They already have a loyal customer base so one must expect that if Walmart did every thing right there is no reason that they fail and who knows that may be in future Walmart also makes a marketplace in future where the third party sellers and different merchants can also sell their products using Walmart marketplace.

Domino’s To Offer Ordering via Twitter

Domino’s To Offer Ordering via Twitter

In order to increase its sales and revenue Domino’s pizza have decided that they will be offering ordering its pizzas via twitter. Initially this order via twitter will only be available in US but will extend to other countries if the results are good. Domino’s executive have commented on this and have shared that the company (Domino’s) think that this is a digital age and more and more orders are coming to them via digital means.

So at this time it may be the right move to jump deep into this digital sea and start taking orders via twitter as twitter have huge customer base. The company also commented that they want to make Domino’s pizza ordering procedure as easy as possible so that they can increase their sales and can dominate the pizza market. Domino’s pizza is based in Ypsilanti, Michigan and i was started in 1960. The market of pizza delivery have become very competitive as their are new techniques and offers so pizza giants like domino’s have to keep doing things to engage more customers and keep their ordering procedure as easy as possible.

Home Remedies On How To Prevent Wrinkles

Home Remedies On How To Prevent Wrinkles

One of the most uncomfortable things that can appear on the face are the wrinkles. The wrinkles can be caused by many factors and there are many ways tips and home based remedies which if we follow can help delay wrinkles appearing. The most common aspect is old age, where the skin becomes loose and end up forming the wrinkles. Also, stress can also cause wrinkles, especially if one frowns too much. It is important to keep calm and stress free even in difficult times as this is one of the best remedy and favor one could do to retain a good health status. When the face doesn’t receive the right treatment, it will start to develop the wrinkles. Here are some tips on how to prevent wrinkles easily;
1. Get enough sleep To Keep wrinkles away
One of the simplest home remedy for preventing the wrinkles is by getting enough sleep. When you are asleep, your body will synthesize the Human Growth Hormone, HGH. The hormone is responsible for the cell production and the induction of growth in the body. Proper sleeping is not difficult at all and one just need good planning and enough will power to practice it. Conversely, if you do not get enough sleep, your body will secrete Cortisol, which is a stress hormone. This hormone will inhibit the maintenance of the tissue and the growth. This will stress your facial skin, which will then have wrinkles. Sleep not only will help prevent wrinkles but also other problems like poor memory , diabetes and many other health related problems.

2. Using a banana mask
Another easier way to treat wrinkles at home is to use the banana mask. You can use the banana as a face mask, which will be very effective and is amongst the based home remedies out there. To do this, take a full peeled banana, then add a teaspoon of plain yogurt and orange juice. Make a paste and apply on the face, then let it stay on the face for about 20 minutes. When the 20 minutes are over, wash with warm water. The combination of the Vitamin A and B will help in getting rid of the blemishes and dark spots as well as preventing aging. On the other hand, Vitamin B will help to protect the facial skin from harsh conditions, including the UV light.

3. Egg white For Wrinkles Prevention
You can also use egg white to make a face mask, which can also be very effective remedy if used on regular basis. You will need to start by taking an egg white, then mixing with a half teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. The honey will act as an antibacterial that will fight the bacteria on the face. The egg white will help to tighten the skin and enhance the tone and the texture of the skin. At the end of treatment the skin will feel more smooth and silky and wrinkles appearance will be far less.

4. Massage the face
Massaging also plays a huge role in preventing the wrinkles from appearing. You can massage your face daily using your index finger and your middle finger. Do this with the two fingers and make tiny rotations around your eyebrows, about 20 times. You will need to apply some pressure on every temple for about 10 seconds, then the jaws as well for about 10 seconds. As you do this, tighten your teeth slightly. This wrinkle remedy can be applied at any time even when you are at office or just before going to the bed at night. This will help to make the skin tender and also relax the muscles.

5. Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is very important not just for the skin health but overall health. The skin can be dehydrated wrinkled if you are not having enough water during the day. Specially during the warm weather water consumption should be kept high as plenty of water can get lost through the pores in the skin in form of sweating. Water is a very natural remedy not just for skin health but also for over all health and well being.

These are some of the easiest ways of of preventing wrinkles. All the remedies can be done easily at home, without the need of contacting a doctor on prescriptions. Another way is to use moisturizing products, though you might want to contact a health professional to determine if the product is safe or not. If you can visit a spa for extra facial treatment, it would be better, just remember to confirm the products that they will use on your face.

Diabetes And Eye Vision Problems

Vision Problems In Diabetes Patients

In the beginning, diabetes may be characterized by insufficient production of insulin, but overtime, it can cause damage to other body organs and functions specially eye and vision problems. Diabetes is a very tough disease to deal with and it bring a lot of complications and problems. The primary effect of this eye problem condition is high blood sugar due to the inability of the body to control blood sugar levels. This effect is what eventually leads to other complications in different parts of the body. One such problem is the loss or deterioration of vision or eyesight. Read on for more information about diabetes and vision problems in eyes along with ways to control this critical condition.

Common Vision Problems Associated with Diabetes

Here are some of the eye conditions that are often linked to diabetes:

Fluctuating Vision

The most common vision problems caused by diabetes is vision fluctuation and if some body does experience this symptom then the fasting blood sugar test must be done to find out the root cause . People suffering from this eye condition may experience episodes of fluctuating shortsightedness or farsightedness. This can be as a result of random fluctuations in blood sugar levels which may change the shape of the eye lens. Most people who are diabetic will face fluctuating vision some time and they must be aware of the reason which is causing this to take appropriate actions.

Macular Edema In Diabetes Patients

This condition involves losing the ability to focus your vision on specific objects. This can be very annoying for the person undergoing this condition and the patient may feel helpless as no corrective lens will be able to correct this vision problem. This visual diffusion occurs when the sensitive tissues forming the retina macular center get swollen up. This swelling compresses and damages ocular blood vessels, leading to deterioration and loss of vision.

Diabetic Retinopathy Problem

Formation of leaks in small ocular blood vessels or vascular blockage of the retina can cause partial or complete obstruction of the eyesight depending on the severity of the condition. But provided the leakage or blockage does not interfere with the macula, it is difficult to notice any problem with your eyesight. This condition in its advanced state is called proliferative diabetic retinopathy where the damage extends to the large ocular blood vessels.

Other Vision Obstructing Conditions & Problems

Formation of obstructive vision conditions, like glaucoma (abnormal growths in the ocular regions), diplopia (double vision) and cataracts might also occur in diabetics over time. Frequent fluctuations of blood sugar levels is the major culprit behind all these conditions.

Treatment of Diabetes and Vision Problems

Nearly all these ocular problems can be avoided by going for regular eye tests once you have been diagnosed with this condition. If the tests reveal any problem, take corrective measures immediately. Treatment of vision problems, such as low vision and vision fluctuations, often include prescription of corrective eyeglasses to patients. Other eye conditions, like cataracts, macular edema, diabetic retinopathy, etc. can be treated by laser surgical procedure. Sticking to your prescribed diabetes medications will help regulate the blood sugar levels, thereby significantly preventing diabetes-related vision problems from taking place.

Apart from medical treatments, diet and exercise plays an important role in managing diabetes and the problems that come due to this disease like these vision and eye related problems and issues. Following a low carb, sugar-free and fat-free diabetes diet is very important as any dietary omissions may lead to severe health conditions. You also need to stick to a regular exercise regimen to keep your blood sugar levels in check. Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking to avoid diabetes and eye problems due to it as they may aggravate this condition.

Remember early detection is the key to treating and preventing these conditions. Seek medical attention immediately if you experience any kind of vision problem.

Ways & Tips To Start Burning Fat Fast

Ways & Tips To Start Burning Fat Fast

Maintaining a healthy body weight is crucial for the overall body productiveness besides preventing many healthy related ailments. Obesity is the leading cause of death today as it does lead to many difference diseases. Obesity is basically the deposits of unwanted fat that body accumulates and this is not bad if the fat in the body remain with in limits. Today most foods in stores are high in unhealthy fats and carbs, the key substances that lead to weight gain. People with excess fat in their bodies should take it seriously and start programs which can aid them in burning and melting of their excess fat from their body. There are many ways and tips that a common person with excess fat should follow to take control of this obesity problem right when it starts. Typically, most diseases are brought about due to obesity including diabetes, some form of cancer, and stroke among others. However, observing simple practices shall help in fat burning and weight loss.

Best ways to start burning fat fast?

Undertake morning exercise.

Proper exercising shall help lose many pounds of fat within a short period. Undertaking simple exercises like running via the compound or skipping rope for at least 30 minutes immediately after waking up, shall help burn much fat. Exercise not only help in melting fat from body but it is also good as it releases many hormones which can aid body to fight other diseases like high blood pressure , inflammation, heart diseases and excess cholesterol.   During the day, we ingest a lot of carbohydrates which upon sleeping our body uses for various body functions. Therefore, exercising in the morning before ingesting anything shall help in weight loss since the stored fats are oxidized to provide the needed energy.

Undertake interval training.

The best way to start burning fat fast is incorporating interval sessions in your workout plan. This a great way to lose weight because training at high intensity makes the body break down all the ingested carbs, as well as the stored fats into energy. Therefore, the need to undertake high-intensity workouts during interval training is crucial for maximum fat burning. Specially during a high intensity workout the rate of metabolism is increased not only for the duration of exercise but for 24 hours according to a research.

Consume a pre-workout supplement.

Taking a pre-workout nutritional supplement shall boost strength and stamina during the workouts. This shall allow an individual do much more workout without fatigue or getting exhausted. This will also increase endurance and stamina of a person and once the stamina is there one can carry on for long in future exercise sessions and this will help burning of fat quick. Exercising properly for a longer time shall increase body metabolism crucial in fat oxidation and fat burning process. Typically, nutritional supplements boost the body energy allowing an individual to exercise for a longer period, a crucial factor in muscle building. In order to achieve muscle building, fat must be broken down and also muscle tissues consume more calories than does fat tissues. Another tip that nutritionists gives to the people who want to lose fat are keeping them hydrated at all times as water makes sure that the metabolism rate does not drops.

Brown Fat & Fat Loss

Scientists have recently discovered that adults also have brown fat in their bodies and the person having more brown fat in their bodies have higher metabolism rates as the brown fat consume more calories as these type of Fat cells have an active mitochondria. In the past it was believed that human beings lose all of their brown fat when they get into adulthood. Also in recent experiments it have been discovered that there are some ways to enhance brown fat in the body. Few ways to increase brown fat in body are shivering , exercise and eating some foods like Capsicum which is abundant in chillies. Shivering will make the body to produce more heat thus enabling the body to consume more energy therefore burning fat as a result. Shivering also increases brown fat content in the body permanently as have been found in many experiments. Some obesity experts even recommend to take cold water baths and go to cold weather for some time each day to burn of extra calories and reducing the amount of fat deposits in the body.

Incorporate more proteins in your diet.

Proteins help in muscle growth, a factor that increases the body resting metabolic rate (RMR). Therefore, much energy is needed to maintain the body processes even if no physical activities are undertaken. Obesity experts therefore some times recommend high fat low carb diet as a way to to melt down fat layers from the body. More so, proteins take longer to digest and have a high thermal effect than carbohydrates. Consuming a diet high in protein shall prevent regular eating since the stomach is still full. During protein digestion, more calories are required, and this shall trigger the body to oxidize more fats into energy.

Stand up regularly.

Sitting for a prolonged period shall not only result in weight gain but also affect the proper functioning of the body processes. Sitting for a prolonged time hinders the body fat burning abilities as the metabolism rates slows down and so does the blood circulation in the body. According to scientific research, sitting for a period longer than one hour affects the proper production of enzymes responsible for fat burning. Typically, the secretion of these enzymes declines by 90 percent. Therefore, regularly standing for a stretch break or taking a brisk walk outdoor among other activities is crucial for weight loss. One should also try to improve their habits and can take small steps like climbing the stairs instead of using elevators and parking the car away from malls so that they have to walk.  Being over weight is not just bad for health but is also bad for self confidence and can even lead to disability if the matters get worse.

Achieve rapid weight loss by practicing the above simple activities. Doing this regularly shall enable you maximize your weight loss goals with much ease.


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