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iPhone 6 Plus Specifications & Features

iPhone 6 Plus Specifications & Features: What To Expect

When it comes to the iPhone 6 Plus specifications & features, it becomes immediately apparent that this is yet another seriously good phone from the people at Apple. We are all used to the structure of the phone and understand what it is capable of doing, but with each new release comes a sense of anticipation and this model has been no different because people and phone consumers expect so much more with each new model of a smart phone.
The Dimensions.
With this model (iPhone 6 Plus), you can expect dimensions of 6.22 inch x 3.06 inch x 0.28 inch making this one of the thinnest phones that Apple have made to date. As many people only prefer to use their smart phones these days instead of their laptops or even other devices they ask or bigger screen size but still want that it can be fitted in their pockets. The screen size itself is 5.5 inches and this in itself is quite impressive as the phone does not feel as big and bulky as some of its competitors that are the same size. In other words, when it comes to the dimensions, then Apple have got it absolutely perfect.
The Screen & Resolution.
As we already said, the screen is 5.5 inches in size and it also has a resolution of 1080p x 1920p and this equates to a pixel density of 401 and this just means that the image you get is going to be crystal clear. The screen also has the usual 16M colors, is a full touchscreen, and it is back-lit as well and this just makes a difference to the vibrancy of what you see before you.
The Powerful iPhone 6 Plus.
The iPhone 6 Plus is one powerful phone, but then it needs to be so that it can run iOS 8.2 at full speed. This version has a dual-core 1.4 GHz processor and this is more than enough speed and power to allow the phone to do whatever it is that you want. All of this is then backed up by 1 GB of RAM and for storage space you are looking at an initial 16 or 64 GB with the option of expanding up to 128 GB.
The Camera.
The iPhone 6 Plus comes complete with two cameras with one that is front facing and another is rear facing. The rear facing camera is 8MP while the front facing is 1.2MP and this is absolutely perfect for taking those selfies. So this phone have got perfect cameras for getting favorite snaps or capturing videos. The cameras also come with a number of different features including the likes of geo-tagging, optical image stabilization, and both face and smile detection so you can rest assured of being able to capture the perfect snap no matter how limited your photography skills may be.
Additional Features Of iPhone 6 Plus.
This phone does come with a number of other features that are also pretty much standard with the iPhone. It has the usual Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity as well as GPS and the ability to use Apple Pay at various participating stores. You also have the normal ability to send messages, emails, and a whole host of other ways to communicate using this phone and everything does indeed work as smoothly as you would hope.
Overall, the thing that you can expect with the iPhone 6 Plus is to own a phone that is powerful, works smoothly, gives you more than enough space for whatever you need to download and install, and the latest operating system released by Apple.  One thing about this phone is that it is a bit high on the price side. Although many people can get it for small amount if they get a long contract with their service provider but still it is expensive if you want an unlocked version of Iphone 6 plus. This phone may very well be a stop gap before the launch of the iPhone 7, but it is a phone you should be proud to own as it is indeed another masterpiece by Apple.

Andreas Lubitz

Who was Andreas Lubitz-The Pilot

Till now investigators think that Andreas Lubitz intentionally put the plane to dive and ultimately crash. People are curious to know who was Andreas Lubitz and what might be the reason behind this crash. Many people are questioning now and are curious that what might be the reasons behind this tragic incident. Although it is normal that a person have depression and have negative or dangerous tendencies but to make other suffer is a sad incident indeed.

According to the sources the pilot Andreas Lubitz was 28 years old and have a good flying record with many hours of flight on his record. Still the investigation of Germanwings flight is in its infant stage and more evidences will appear as the investigators dig for more evidence. According to the voice recorder data the captain went outside the cockpit for few minutes and when the plane start its death dive captain tried to get into the cabin but the door lock was lock from inside so he was unable to get inside the cockpit and regain control of the plane.

In some countries it is a practice and law that if one pilot leave the cabin a member of the aircrew staff have to be present inside the cabin.  According to the news the pilot Andreas Lubitz was completely fit to fly the plane although his mental state like depressive symptoms or other psychological problems are not known till now. Andreas Lubitz was an active person and took part in local activities like race.

We have to wait for the final news and reasons and the changes to aviation this incident might bring to the aviation can be phenomenal as pilots will be examined more closely in future for any sort of depressive symptoms.

Review Of The iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus Review

The iPhone 6 plus is one of those phones that mark a turning point in the evolution of technology around the world. In addition to being one of the most highly anticipated phones before its release, it has also become quite the style icon as well. Evidence for this is the fact that there are many people who struggled to get the phones when they were first released, which simply proves the allure that the phone has. Below are some of the key features and reviews of iPhone 6 Plus you find in this phone;

Review Of display of iPhone 6

One of the most outstanding features about the new iPhone 6 is the display. The phone has a 5.5 inch screen that has one of the most crisp projections in the market. The Retina Display of iPhone 6 brings the screen’s sharpness and clarity. Reviewers tell that Visibility in direct sunlight is particularly impressive, since one can use the phone in broad daylight without having to worry about the brightness settings.

iPhone 6 Plus Camera Review

An increasing number of people now use their phone camera more commonly than other features in the phone, and this is best described in the iPhone 6. Some of the things that make the camera stand out include the fact that it has one of the best lenses and focus technology in the market. There have been a number of comparisons between the iPhone 6 and competitors such as the Samsung Galaxy S6, and the iPhone camera has been shown to hold its own against most of them. Both the front and the rear camera of iPhone 6 have proven to be very effective and positively reviewed in this regard.

Memory Review Of iPhone 6 Plus

For most people, the experience of using a smartphone lies in how many applications they can run simultaneously and efficiently. This in turn means that having more memory is better, since it means that you can run more applications with compromising the speed at which phone runs. The iPhone 6 Plus boasts 128GB of internal memory in its most exclusive device. This more than makes up for the fact that it does not feature an SD Card, since this is currently more memory than most people need. It also means that running applications on the iPhone is smoother, since there is enough memory to do this. In other words iPhone can run more applications at a time including 3D actions games which consume a lot of memory and requires much faster and more processing.

Iphone 6 Plus Apple Pay Review

One of the highlights of the iPhone 6 Plus is the fact that it features Apple Pay technology. This functionality allows one to use their phone as a payment device. This is a new and a very cool feature to have in a smart phone. It was initially thought that this was a gimmicky feature, but most people find it to be very practical after having used it for some time.

The form factor Of iPhone 6 Plus

Another attractive feature about the iPhone is the fact that it has a much slimmer form factor compared to previous iterations. Not only is it easier to use, but it also feels more comfortable for most people as well. This makes it an excellent everyday companion.

In summary, there are many reasons why you should consider getting an iPhone 6 Plus and this is due to these exceptional and high end features that iPhone 6 generally have good reviews amongst its users. On the surface, it might seem overpriced, but once you get to start using it you will find that it’s actually well worth it. More over there are tons of apps which one can run on iPhone 6 plus , specially the games which runs with exceptional resolution specially on this cool smart phone. In terms of software and hardware, this is one of the most well put-together phones you can come across.

Samsung Vs Apple Phones Pros & Cons

Samsung Vs Apple Phones Pros & Cons

Smartphones have been around for quite some time now and names like Samsung and Apple dominate the market. These two are the most renowned mobile gadget manufacturers in the world, although they also produce a wide variety of electronics. Samsung and Apple have been competing at all levels of mobile phone production and have close customers. The release dates of their phones are some of the most awaited days in the phone industry.
Here is a descriptive review detailing Samsung Vs Apple phones pros & cons.
Samsung pros and cons
Samsung is among oldest manufacturer of phones and they serve a global market producing a wide variety of gadgets ranging from large 5.5+ inch touchscreen smartphones to old technologies and QWERTY button models. Some of the pros Samsung phones have include the following;
• Android OS – Samsung was first to embrace android OS which has a global reputation for offering millions of applications via Google Play. It also allows integration of advanced computing technologies and software in mobile phones.

• Reputable manufacturer –Samsung is a mobile phone manufacturer powerhouse and has massive followers. Their designs are some of the best and most efficient in the market.

• Compact design – Samsung phones are quite durable and can serve you for many years if properly maintained. You can find phones that are over half a decade old and still perform optimally.

• Latest technology –Samsung offers the latest state-of-the-art features that can achieve all that any mobile phone can currently accomplish. Some include maps and GPS tracking, mobile wallets, high-definition cameras, ergonomic display and fast web browsing, expanded memory and multiple-user interface.

Other benefits , pros and good things about Samsung phone includes competitive prices, durability, speed, availability and ease of repair. Some of the cons of using Samsung phones include;
• High prices for modern technology. The Galaxy S series is one of the priciest in the market.
• Low battery life. Smartphones are heavy battery users due to background applications.
• Frequent release cycles. Your latest phone will soon be out of fashion and new trendy designs come sooner rather than later.

Apple pros and cons
Apple is another world market leader in phone production. Their phones are blatantly the most awaited and feature long queues for a chance to own one gadget. They are renowned for the following cons;
• IOS – Although less preferable to android, the IOS is in no way inferiors and can achieve just as much as android. They offer ITunes and Apple Store for applications and downloading. They also have features like Apple Pay mobile wallets and fingerprint recognition.
• Elegant designs – It is no doubt that apple phones such as iPhone are the most aesthetically beautiful designs in the market. They are also very durable and feature shock absorbing capabilities.

• Apple Phones Latest technology – Just like Samsung, Apple phones incorporate the latest mobile phone technology.

Other benefits and pros of Apple Phones are trending designs, a wide variety of features and unparalleled reputation. Some of the cons of Apple phones include;
• OS limitations – IOS restricts downloads to Apple Store and have various limitations when it comes to 3rd party applications which is a trend.
• Expensive phones – there is no matching Apple when it comes to price and their phones are the most expensive in the market.

Samsung and Apple are the top two phone manufacturing companies and fierce competitors. Their release cycles almost complement each other and comparing their latest devices is often interesting. Above are some of the obvious pros and cons surrounded in using these brands. It also depend on the particular phone so before any body shop for a phone the specifications and other features of the phone must be thoroughly read because once purchased the value of the gadget drop down quickly and most of the time it is not easy to change the phones instantly.

Windows 10 Upgrade Is Free

Windows 10 Upgrade Is Free Even For Pirates

Windows 10 will be free announced Microsoft which came as a surprise to the industry as the Microsoft since its inception of its Operating system Windows have been charging fees for installing and using its operating system. Not only Microsoft is offering a free upgrade to its new operating system windows 10 to the people who have purchased it license but it is also offering a free to pirates(using a pirated copy of Windows).

Although this may have a dent in earning of Microsoft but its policy makers better know how will Microsoft earn its revenue. One of the reason for this drastic step can be that most of the notebooks are coming with free operating systems like Chromebook and others. Microsoft policy makers may have think that their operating system may lose market share if they keep on offering it for any price. Most of the people in world specially in third world countries like China, India, Pakistan and Indonesia use pirated copies of Windows operating systems. In some countries even 1 percent of the copies of Windows used are not original.

Another reason is that Microsoft may be switching its revenue model and also making its pirate users into legitimate users. As far as revenue is concerned Microsoft may shift its strategy to advertisement or hardware based model. People who use a pirated copy also are prone to get more malware as they do not get updates , patches and fixes from Microsoft. Microsoft Windows 10 is expected to come in the summer of 2015 and they users have to run an upgrade if they want to upgrade their operating system.

Another reason for giving free Windows 10 to users is that Microsoft policy and long term goal is to increase its user base and may offer some add on piece of software which users will have to purchase. Recently Microsoft have also announced that it will be discontinue its widely used browser (Internet Explorer). This browser was a part of Windows since last 15 years and this sudden discontinuation of IE in future windows releases also gives us clue that software giants are changing its policies. Also according to recent surveys the IE was losing to its rivalry like Google chrome and Firefox. Google Chrome is now the widely used web browser for desktop users and its user base is increasing .

Last year Microsoft make it free its operating systems for many devices using a smaller screen size as these devices were mostly low end devices. Also it makes its Windows free for some types of laptops recently and now its plan to offer its Windows 10 completely free will go a long way to determine the future of this company and its investors and is being viewed critically by other software vendors.

Facebook Messenger Payments

Facebook Messenger Payments

Facebook have enabled its users to pay their friends via messenger online. With the help of this feature users using their messenger can now pay instantly. To start with this service will be used for personal payments but it may be used for business payments some time in future. Other companies which does offer online payments are PayPal, Ali-pay, Google and Amazon. While this move will be a pleasant surprise for Facebook users it is not a good news for companies like Paypal which solely depends on online payments for its business.

It is also worth noting that to start with the Facebook will offer this service or free without any commissions. Facebook may impose a little fee in future but right now there is no fees on using this service. Facebook already used to take payments in the past when any one want to advertise on its network so they have an existing infrastructure for accepting payments.

The person who want to send payment have to do it from his credit card or debit card. The real strength of Facebook is its user base which exceeds one billion users. In many countries cellular providers does provide money transfer services and Facebook can also be a competition to them once it expands its online payment services all over the globe. Currently Facebook messenger payment services is only available in US.

Facebook also acquired a lot of land recently in Menlo Park, California and this shows that they are definitely planning to expand in to other domains and businesses. This move show that they are aggressive and with their large user base it is pretty easy for them to jump into any business and due to their user power they will have a definite edge.

If Facebook decides it wants to expand its services it could do it so that even the foreign workers who use to send money via Money gram, Westernunion or other services shift and use Facebook messenger payments rather than the existing method its using.

IOS 8.2 Review, Performance and Reasons For Upgrade

IOS 8.2 Review, Performance and Reasons For Upgrade

Apple recently rolled out IOS 8.2 which according to sources offer some performance improvement over last version. Their are mixed reviews of IOS 8.2 from the people who upgraded. For the persons who already have the previous IOS versions installed on their iPhone’s there are plenty of reasons for them to upgrade to the latest IOS 8.2 version.

One reason for upgrade to IOS 8.2 is that it does address a flaw in previous version which prevents iPhone from being attacked by hackers. The IOS 8.2 also provides some performance improvements and response of phones. The upgrad can be applied to most of iPhones including  4S, 5, 5S, 5C,  6 and the Iphone 6 Plus.

Although there are many convincing reasons and positive reviews for IOS upgrade but many users have expressed their concerns about the new app that is automatically installed on iPhone after up gradation to IOS 8.2. This app does provide user to change the settings of apple watch. Some people are even looking this companion app and considers it a malware as it is a must install when somebody upgrades to IOS 8.2. So for the iPhone users who are not interested in purchasing apple watch this app may seem like a unintended install.

Other noticeable improvements the user may feel after changing their operating system to IOS 8.2 are that music and maps minor bug fixes. There was also a bug in Calendar which have now been fixed in 8.2 release. Other improvements that come with IOS latest version are improved connectivity with iPhone hearing aid devices.


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