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14 Inch Touch Screen Ultrabook

14 Inch Touch Screen Ultrabook

As the topic tells you we are going to discuss some Ultrabooks available in market which have a 14 inches screen and they are touch screen. This segment of market did
not had many notebooks that fall into this category but now few Ultrabook Manufacturers have launched some models. Recently Sony, HP and Dell have launched touchscreen Ultrabooks with 14 inches screen.

As a traveler i always have this trouble that when i go for a journey i find my big 15 inch laptop too big , heavy and its battery life pathetic so always thought that i should have a laptop which can be used for normal tasks such as home and office and can be a good companion during travel and which is available for a low price so that a new one can be purchased once in a couple of years.

Personally the Sony VAIO option is the best not because of quality or any other but just single fact that Sony VAIO allows you a very customized Ultrabooks and Laptops. You can change processor , hard disk and virtually every thing by paying extra money. The price of Ultrabooks varies if you put more ram and other hardwares in your Ultrabook configuration. So lets say if i find that i need a Sony Ultrabook with more hard drive space i can easily customize my Sony Ultrabook. HP and Dell on the other hand does not offer that level of Ultra Book Customization.

The weight of Ultrabooks in 14 inches screen size is all below 4 pounds and all of them are very sleek and slim in size. I have personally reviewed each of them by going to Sony , Dell and HP website and have read some reviews given by the customer and have found out that in terms of beauty and style the Ultrabooks these Vendors are offering in 14” inch size is really worth buying and the price in the range of 700 $ to 1400 $ and depends upon the model you want.

Touch screen is a must specially after the arrival of Windows 8 and on top of that every body like ultrabook because no body likes to carry on extra weight. Sony , Dell and HP ultrabooks in 14 inch size all have more than 4 hour of battery life which is excellent.

That are the reasons that 14 inch Ultrabook with touch screen no matter what brand it is will get good reviews because people like them.

Causes, Prevention And Symptoms Of Osteoporosis

Causes, Symptoms and Prevention Of Bone Osteoporosis

Bone osteoporosis

Bone osteoporosis is a disease of bones in which is caused by weaker bones and risk of fracture is increased as the bone mineral density (BMD) is reduced. There are multiple causes of Osteoporosis and usually Osteoporosis is without symptoms. Osteoporosis disease may be classified as either primary type 1 or type 2 and secondary osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is very common problem in women after menopause and for this reason doctors’ advice pregnant women to specially take Calcium and Vitamin D. Pregnancy Osteoporosis referred to as primary type 1.  Primary type 2 osteoporosis or senile osteoporosis occurs at age 75 years and older and is usually very common in both females and males. Treatment of mild Osteoporosis is to exercise and strength workouts as exercise help prevention of Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis generally will not show any of symptoms or signs.  Also Osteoporosis problem does not distinguish between genders secondary osteoporosis can come at any age, and affects both of sexes men and women equally. Usually a leading cause of this type of osteoporosis is a result of long term usage of certain steroids and medications like prednisone.
The risk of osteoporosis can be reduced with lifestyle changes and sometimes medication. The main causes of Osteoporosis can be low use of dairy foods, lack of exposure to sunlight etc. Please living in basements or places where they have very less exposure to sunlight are at high risk for developing this bone thinning and weakness problems. Lifestyle change is very important in osteoporosis and can be leading cause in development of this disease to start with. Mostly the strength exercise along with adequate Calcium and Vitamin D can definitely help to slow bone loss. This includes diet and exercise, and preventive measures from falls. Certain medicines like calcium, vitamin D, bisphosphonates etc. Bisphosphonates is the first choice of drug.
Symptoms of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis usually does not have specific symptoms and in this sense it Is a real dangerous problem because by the time a patient would come to know that he has Osteoporosis it usually too late. Normally it occurs in those situations where healthy people would not break a bone.

Diagnosis of osteoporosis disease

The diagnosis and finding of osteoporosis is done by doing simple tests like radiography and by measuring the bone mineral density (BMD). However, causes of osteoporosis are diagnosed by conducting blood tests and by asking patient history and what medications he have been on throughout his life and what was his life style. CT scan and MRI are conducted to detect early this disease and cortical thinning substantial amount of bone loss.
Treatment of osteoporosis

There are several medicines available in the market used to treat osteoporosis and your doctor will suggest these depending on the situation. Once the doctor will have your medical report after your tests he will tell the current state of health of the bones and will do the Osteoporosis treatment accordingly. Medications themselves can be classified as antiresorptive or bone anabolic agents. Some people will need immediate attention and will need strong medication if the conditions of their bones is more critical and bones are very thin and weak and they are at much risk of ending up breaking their bones just by normal day activities.  Antiresorptive medicines function is primarily the reduction of bone resorption (reverse of absorption) and on the other hand anabolic agents will help Osteoporosis patient build bone and they would not work by inhibit resorption. Anyhow lifestyle changes are also an important aspect of treatment. A major problem is that Osteoporosis is a long term problem and if the patient have already lost too much of their bones they cannot make up for the loss of their bones overnight.. Bisphosphonates are the best choice of drugs. Moreover calcium with vitamin D and exercise is very important.

Reasons And Symptoms Of Low Blood Pressure

Reasons for low blood pressure

Hypo-tension in medical term is used for low blood pressure usually less than 90/60(systolic/diastolic). Usually low blood pressure comes with symptoms but some times it can be without symptoms. The first and the higher of these numbers stand for the pressure in the arteries during the time when the heart beats and fills up human arteries with blood. Pregnancy, heart problems, gland problems or Endocrine functions problems, blood loss, infections, allergies, dehydration and lack of proper diet are among the leading causes of low blood pressure.The second number stands for the diastolic pressure. Diastolic pressure is the  pressure in the arteries when the heart rests and when it is in  between two beats. However normal blood pressure is having a range 120/80 in healthy people. Low blood pressure also have some symptoms and therefore it is quite easy to get an idea when you blood pressure is falling below normal. You can then check with blood pressure meter usually called Sphygmomanometer to see what the actual readings are to get a better idea. It is very interesting to note that in athletes low blood pressure is a positive sign of good cardiovascular condition. But low blood pressure can be sign of many health problems like inadequate blood flow to the heart, brain, and other vital organs in the elderly where sometime fainting may occurs.

Postural hypotension or low blood pressure is usually caused by the positions. A high risk person should have a blood pressure chart at home so that they may know what their normal blood pressure ranges are and if they are below this normal range or above they must consult their doctors. Air travelers, whom flights are extra ordinary long, when have to stay and sit on their seats for an extra long time, usually become the victim of low blood pressure. Also as they have to sit on their seats with wrong posture for a sufficient long time they develop clots sometime.

Following are the Conditions that may cause low blood pressure:
1: Pregnancy and Low Blood Pressure : During pregnancy extra care needs to be taken at every step. During pregnancy many changes in bodies happens and one of them is that a woman’s circulatory system expands rapidly causing blood the blood pressure in the pressure to drop down than the normal range. What would happen is that normally during the first six months of pregnancy, systolic pressure or blood pressure commonly drops a few points usually somewhere from 5-10 and diastolic pressure by as much as 10 to 15 points. This need not to worry and is normal, and blood pressure usually returns to your pregnancy level after you’ve given birth.

2: Heart problems and Hypo-tension :  Heart is the most important organ of the body and pumps the blood in our body so low blood pressure will definitely occur when the rate of heart beat is down than the normal and hypotension will develop. Persons having some problems with heart are at high risk of getting their blood pressure low and specially the person who are at high risks are the persons who have had some problem with their heart valves. Other high risk group which should be concerned of low blood pressure are the people who had experienced heart attack in past or have had any other sort of heart failure. These conditions prevent the blood flow resulting low blood pressure.

3: Endocrine problem :An under active thyroid or overactive thyroid can lead to many problems in human body and one of them is low blood pressure or hypotension which can cause low blood pressure.  Many other glands may cause low blood pressure and the other conditions can be adrenal insufficiency (Addition’s disease), low blood sugar and, in some cases, diabetes.

4: Dehydration and Hypo-tension : In case of dehydration your body loses more water than it takes and this loss of blood means less blood to pump resulting in weakness of the body. In most severe cases of dehydration and low blood pressure a patient can also feel extreme dizziness and fatigue. This further results a drop in your blood pressure, fever, vomiting, and severe diarrhea. The overuse of diuretics and strenuous exercise can all lead to dehydration.

5: Blood loss and Low Blood Pressure : In case of heavy blood loss which can occur due to any problem like  injury, surgeries or bleeding from anywhere inside the body the reduction in the amount of blood in your body occurs, which can causes a big reduction or drop in hypotension blood pressure. To know if you have hypotension you can refer to the chart easily available from you clinic or doctor.

6: Severe infection (septicemia) and Hypotension : Septicemia usually happen when an infection  enters in the body. This infection can enter body by various sources like a injection, therefore care must be needed to keep infection away.

7: Severe allergic reaction (Ana phyla xis). An allergic reaction is also a quite severe situation and this is basically an allergic reaction. Allergy reactions is also among major reason and cause of low blood pressure. Common reasons which can trigger of Ana phylaxis include foods which a person is allergic too or if some body is allergic to some medications and he takes them. Other reasons can be  insect venom’s and latex which can bring down hypo-tension suddenly. Monitoring the blood pressure is there fore very important in a healthy life style and whenever you feel sick or not well you must take the blood pressure reading and contact the doctor in case any thing is beyond normal.

8: Lack of nutrients in your diet. Nutrients are also very essential to our health and it also applies to hypotension. A lack of the vitamins B-12, other important nutrients,  iron deficiency and other nutrients deficiency can cause anemia, a condition in which your body doesn’t produce enough red blood cells, causing low blood pressure.

Symptoms And Types of Bone Cancer

Symptoms, Types And Reasons Bone Cancer

A bone cancer is the result of an abnormal growth of cells within the bone of the human body that may be benign or cancerous (malignant) like other most other types of cancers. According to American Cancer Society the survival rate for bone cancer is about 70 percent. Different types of bone cancers have different survival rates and different symptoms which will be discussed later.

Mostly there is no specific cause and reason for bone Cancer however scientist only know that this type of Cancer will often arise and start in areas of rapid growth of Bones. This is however believed by the Cancer specialists that there are some risk factors to bone Cancer and these risk factors include Gene Mutations which may come due to inheritance, Radiation and Trauma.

Types Of Bone Cancer
There are many types of bone tumors and cancers and everybody specially those who are at higher risks must keep an eye on bone Cancer symptoms for early detection. Most common bone Tumor is Osteosarcoma that occurs between the ages 10 and 20. Mostly Osteosarcoma bone cancer occur in lower thigh ,shin bone and the upper arms. Sometimes benign bone tumors also occurs in bones but usually they are self-healing and will go away on their own and do not require treatment but still careful monitoring on the symptoms need to be taken as some times a benign tumor can change into a cancerous tumor . Therefore periodically monitoring in benign bone tumors by x-rays is still necessary. The causes of Cancer in the bone are usually unknown but the heredity factor plays an important role.
Cancers that develop in the bones of a person are referred to as primary bone tumors while Cancers which initiated in some other place in the body but spread to the bones are referred to as secondary or metastatic bone cancer and are different than primary bone tumors in terms of treatment, symptoms and metastatic bone Cancer or tumor is completely differently from primary bone tumors. The type of the tumor will be classified by the original organ the tumor started for example if a Cancer has started in the kidney and then metastasized in the bones it will still be called kidney cancer. As mentioned above there are some more types of bone tumors and each of them have different survival rates. Malignant or (Cancerous) bone tumors include:

Chondrosarcoma Bone Cancer

Chondrosarcoma type of bone cancer usually occurs in older adults. The 5 year survival rate of this bone cancer type is usually around 80 percent.

Ewing’s sarcoma Bone Cancer
Ewing’s sarcoma bone cancer usually occurs in the pelvis , thighs and shin of the human body

Fibrosarcoma Bone Cancer
Fibrosarcoma cancer will usually occur at the connective tissue at the end of the bones and then this cancer type start to spread to other parts of the body. This cancer is equally fatal for both children and adults and early detection is the single most important factor that will determine the rate of survival.

Although it is very difficult to diagnose cancer at early stages of disease but every type of cancer has some symptoms which should be kept in mind to start the treatment as early as possible for a better survival rate.

Bone Cancer Symptoms
Bone fracture occurs usually due to the weakness that develop in bones caused by Cancer. A person with bone cancer will break his bones easily from slight injury which means the bones are weak which can although be a symptom of other diseases but it may well be a symptom of bone cancer too. Other symptoms can be pain in the bones which become worse with time and specially worsen at night. Occasionally a mass and swelling can be felt at the tumor site. Every patient will show slightly different symptoms so it is very difficult to tell for sure unless tests are done. However some benign tumors have no symptoms.

Bone Cancer Signs and Tests
Usually Bone biopsy is done first to take a small sample to check if it’s a Bone Cancer or not. A bone scan is another test which can give some hints if the cancer is present in the bones or no. MRI of the bone and surrounding tissues is also done to check the spread of cancer and X-ray might also be needed to detect and diagnose bone Cancer presence. There are some other blood tests like Alkaline phosphate isoenzyme and Blood Calcium level test to check the levels of calcium in bones. Other test that can be done are Parathyroid hormones test and Blood phosphorus level test.
Treatment For Bone Cancer
Benign bone tumors usually may not need treatment but these tumor must be under observation of the doctor to check if the bone tumor is growing or shrinking in size. Surgical removal of the benign tumor some time becomes the only solution to the problem. Treatment for malignant bone tumors which have their origins from some other part of the body but have now spread to the bone depends on the primary tissue or other organ involved is however quite complex and medicine for primary Cancer is used to treat the patient. The survival rate in case of Metastatic Bone Cancer also depends on the primary type of tumor or the organ the cancer originated from. Radiation therapy option can be used sometime if severe pain in Bone Cancer patient is not going. Tumors which start in the bone are usually rare and bone cancer treatment is usually available in Cancer enters. After taking sample from bone through biopsy a regime which consists of a combination of chemotherapy and sometimes surgery is used to deal with the problem. Radiation therapy may be needed before or after surgery of the site where the surgery for bone cancer was done.

Bone Cancer Tumors Problems
Since bone Cancer can occur in any body regardless of age so care must be taken and careful monitoring must be done in case you feel any thing happening with you body. Pain, Reduced function of the bone which further depends on the size and spread of tumor, Sometimes one has to face side effects of chemotherapy, also there is a danger of the cancer to other nearby tissues, which is again dangerous and the cancer can grow to a point where treatment is not an option.

Vonage vs Ooma

Vonage vs Ooma

There are a number of VOIP service providers that are competing in the market. Some of them like Ooma, Vonage and some others are pretty good in terms of Call quality and some of them are pretty ordinary. OOma and Vonage both are well trusted names for VoIP telephony and they have many things in common and many things for both of them are different. Here we want to discuss some similarities, differences and pros and cons of Vonage and OOMA.

OoMA vs Vonage Voice Quality

Both Vonage and OoMA have excellent voice quality and mostly when the customer face problems with quality of their call its usually their own internet connection problem or mostly router problem. Both Vonage and OOMA have excellent customer service and you can call them and interact with them via forums. OOMA however is a winner if you consider price wise as it is free after investing in its hardware one time only. OoMA and Vonage are both VOIP services and they transfer the voice data over the internet. Also OOMA will have Ooma’s new HD2 VoIP handset very soon which promise to improve Voice quality further and will be highly friendly for users who want interaction between phone and social networking websites.

Calling rates of Vonage vs OOMA

Vonage has a US and Canada unlimited Calling plan for about 25 dollars per month. Other plans Vonage have if you only have to call Canada and the United States are 750 and 300 which have 750 free minutes and 300 free minutes and then few cents per minute if the subscriber exceed their minutes. These are all outgoing minutes and will be consumed when you call somebody. Vonage incoming minutes from all plans are unlimited.

OOMA when you compare it with Vonage does not have any monthly cost but its an initial investment of around 175 dollars. One have to order Ooma Telo device which costs around 175 dollars and then you can call unlimited to US and Canada with a very small negligible fees. Once you get OOMA device its easy to set it up and it will work like a home telephone once the device is configured.

International Call Rates Vonage Vs OOMA

With OoMA you can call almost every country of the world and the rates varies from country to country. You can find the OOMA Calling rate for each country on their website. OOMA also offers a 9.99 per month calling plan which include 1000 minutes every month to 61 countries around the world which is a very good deal for under 10 dollars.

Vonage on comaprison with OOMA offers a plan called Vonage World which is 25.99 per month and it one can call unlimited to 60 countries per month with this Vonage World plan and not only you have to use Vonage phone but you can extend this Vonage plan to your Mobile phone as well.

Vonage also offers an internationl plan which they call Vonage World® Mexico Sin Límites and this plan is almost like their Vonage World plan but this plan has Mexico Puerto Rico calling facility also included in it.

Another international calling plan Vonage offers is Vonage World Plus Latin America 100. This vonage plan is just around 30 dollars per month and include US, Canada and Puerto Rico unlimited. Here are some rates for example for Vonage international countries if your country is not covered. Vonage rate to call china is 1 cent per minute while its 4 cents per minute for UK. Vonage Philippines calling rates are 19 cent per minute and to Germany its 4 cent to 5 cent per minute. We have mentioned the rates just to give you the idea that if you have to call a country on frequent basis and Vonage do offer it in bundle package than its good to get it in Bundle. Some other countries which are included in 60 country plan are China, Australia, Finland, France, Chile, Brazil, India, Denmark, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Italy, Israel etc.

OOMA on the other hand have more or less about the same countries covered under OoMA 10 dollar World Wide plan.

15 inch Ultrabook

15 inch Ultrabook

Right now people as the new era of Windows 8 have started people are looking to interact in new ways with their laptops and notebooks. Dell launched their affordable and thin and slim Ultrabook 15Z in Oct of 2012. This touch screen ultra-book is super slim with just around 4.7 lbs of weight which is very light and less weight considering its bigger 15.6 inch screen size and this is the reason its getting excellent and good reviews from its users. The 15 Z Dell light weight ultrabook comes both touchscreen and with out touch screen model and the weight for both of models is same. The best thing about this laptop is that it comes with the hybrid hard drive (HDD) which means it does not have SSD which is very expensive but its hard disk is supported by a small mSATA SSD which makes it best of both world (fast and cheap in price too). Also 15z note book from dell is quite affordable and the price of dell 15 Z ultrabook starts from around 800 dollars and goes upto 1200 and depends upon the specs you choose for your system.

This ultra thin notebook comes in i5 processor which has 3M cache and i7 processor which has 4M cache. The memory installed varies from 6GB to 8GB which is pretty good with this reasonably priced ultrabook from Dell. Some specifications have Intel HD graphics 4000 graphics card while some specs have NVIDIA GeForce 630 card with 2 GB of DDR3 Memory which will make sure that you can play latest games and other graphic intensive applications easily on you 15z Dell ultrabook.

Other manufacturers like Lenovo, Asus, Sony and Toshiba also have some touch screen models but some of them are heavier in weight than 15Z. Right now we have found this ultrabook a very good choice for people who are looking for a bigger screen with touch screen capabilities as there are very few available models in market with such a big screen and having touch screen capabilities as well and having this much low cost as this model have.

Acupuncture For Pain

    Acupuncture For Pain management, Relief and Cure

Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of Chinese traditional medicine system and has become popular not just in a single country of part but Acupuncture is practiced all over the world. Acupuncture is widely used as a chronic pain relief and to cure pain some times. Some times Acupuncture can cure pain for shorter duration of time while some time it can give you permanent relief and can cure even sever pain permanently. It was discovered by ancient Chinese that insertion of fine needles into specific points on the body has therapeutic effect and many diseases and medical conditions can be treated by Acupuncture. Specifically the Acupuncture was found to be very effective in case of pain in humans. Acupuncture needles are inserted so that the needles themselves do not give much pain and sometimes the patient even does not feel that the needles have been inserted in his body.

These points where the needles were inserted were found along pathways known as channels or meridians. Through these points vital energy flows and all these points act as a communication system through which all parts of the body are interconnected.

Pain is actually the body’s warning alarm and pain must be taken seriously as it is indicating you something is wrong. If you ignore your body’s alarm then just like the fire alarm in your house, severe problems can be caused and are created. As the blood passes through vital energy points it nourishes our body and protect body tissues, helping to maintain the functions in our bodies. When there is a blockage somewhere due to some injury or blockage or any other condition in the body the patient will be suffering from severe or minor pain which is a symptom that there is something wrong in the body. Any time when the meridian is blocked, blood are not able to move along smoothly. This results the affected area of the body as it will receive far less nutrition than it should get which is very harmful as malnourishment can occur in that part. The patient will therefore feel pain and also other symptoms might occur which can be numbness , bloating, etc.

The organ damage can be identified from the meridian, and the local blockage of the meridian can affect the internal organ as well. That is why in TCM, while treating a pain condition, the doctor do not usually only focuses on just the local pain, but also works to rebalanced and harmonize the whole body.
There are more than a single reason for the blockage of meridian which can also be caused by other reasons which can be but are not limited to excessive cold, dampness, dryness of skin, fire burnt injuries. Other reasons can be range from stress , depression, anger etc which are related to emotions in human beings. It is very important to identify what exactly is the cause of the pain and which meridian is blocked. In general the treatment therefore is, relieving the stagnant blood in the body, balancing energy present in the body, nourishment of the nearby and actual tissue, ways to increase circulation to fast up healing which will result in the fast building up and healing up of the effected muscles and organs.

Acupuncture can be used to correct the flow of Herbal medicine can be used to reestablish and balance , blood and moisture in organ networks, to control pathological factors Clinical research support that acupuncture is an effective remedy in the treatment of almost all kinds of pain conditions, including the following: migraines, neck pain, back pain, herniated disc, arthritis, frozen shoulder, shoulder pain, Fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, sports injuries and also the pain which occurs as a result of a major or minor surgeries in the body.

It has also been found that there was an enhancement in immune function of a patient after the patient undertook Acupuncture procedure. Acupuncture may actually help prevent pain by acting on the sympathetic nervous system and by stimulating the body to produce biochemical substances, such as endorphins, to help reduce pain.

Chinese herbs for pain treatment are often used according to the patient’s condition. A group of herbs are put together to enhance the power of the treatment and reduce the side effects. Herbs having analgesic properties, most of them are extremely beneficial. Herbal medicine can be used in both ways internally or externally. Chinese herbs are normally used in the capsules or concentrated powder and most of the times in the form of tea. Now a days some herbs may be used in inject able form.


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