Liver which is the largest organ of the body serves so many vital and important functions to sustain life. Care of the Liver is very important to keep in a good health and therefore it is very important to prevent liver diseases by knowing its symptoms before hand in order to avoid any extreme health situation. Survival of a person without liver is not possible as Liver have many critical functions in Human body. A very important thing that should be kept in mind is that the liver problem symptoms if caught earlier can be prevented. Liver problems have its symptoms and if a person knows the symptoms the family doctor can be informed who will usually order some blood tests to check current state of Liver function. Liver Failure causes are often neglected until something goes wrong and at this stage the results are mostly quiet serious and damage to the Liver is irreversible. There are however very general and important things which every person must know in order to deal with this problem

Preventive measures for liver diseases
The most easiest prevention is that we should never forget to read the side effects of the medicines used and look for the warnings involving liver toxicity or hepatic damage. Medicines are the most common culprits in getting the disorders of the liver. Ask your doctor to provide for alternatives if necessary and ensure that alternative medicines will not add to risk of Liver Failure. A very common example is of Paracetamol which is a very common medicine for minor fever and pain and is relatively safe in small doses but when it is combined with other pain killers the risk for liver damage increases many fold. This also shows that even the most common medicines we get without prescription must be taken and used with care as it can be amongst one of the causes of Liver Failure.
There are many other things like minor life style changes like adopting to the healthier foods to detoxify our bodies and liver. Even these small modifications in our eating and daily routine can help us in prevention of acute Liver Failure. Also below are some points which must be kept in mind for optimal liver health and maintenance of a healthy Liver and body.

  1. Good diet is the key for curing our Liver so always remember to keep an eye on the diet and use a good nutritional diet. Although liver diseases are not directly related to good nutritional diets however it have been observed and referenced in the Medical research and Journals that a diet full of nutrition can be a cure for Liver and is helpful to prevent liver diseases. Also obese people are more prone to a very common live problem which is fatty liver problem and diabetes which can be prevented by using low cholesterol foods. The fatty liver problem is diagnosed by a simple blood test and the problem can be dealt by reducing the fats in the body.
  2. Alcohol is also a major cause of acute Liver problems like fatty liver, hepatitis, and cirrhosis. Preferably the use of Alcohol should be stopped to avoid its negative impact on Liver and over all health however moderate amounts of Alcohol usage does not do any significant harm to the liver.
  3. Liver is affected quickly and mostly by sexual transmitted diseases like AIDS(HIV) so care must be taken before selecting before intercourse because if the partner has some hepatitis A,B or C symptoms then it is very likely that the disease will be transmitted so you should be very careful to prevent that the disease does not get transmitted to you from your partner.
  4. Blood transfusion is another indirect cause of Liver Failure in Human beings and before any type of blood transfusion care must be taken that the blood donor is free of diseases specially HIV and Hepatitis. As blood transfusion is also amongst the leading factor of spreading Liver diseases so a careful approach if adopted definitely helps to prevent spread Liver problems from one patient to another. Moreover you should never use the needles that may have been used by someone else. The needle re use is specially a problem in developing countries where the safety practices are not strictly followed.
  5. Before traveling to another country or other part of the world specially developing countries you should be careful for outbreaks of hepatitis and get the information before hand to be on the safe side and prevention of our Liver health because Hepatitis is a problem of the Liver and is amongst the leading causes of Liver function failure . Also avoid going to particular areas or cities where there is a major liver problem due to hepatitis because preventive measure are often better than Liver Cure. Study and statistics say that water is a major culprit when we look at the date on how the Liver diseases spreads. Moreover you should use bottled or boiled water and try to eat foods in hygienic neat and clean hotels.
  6. As mentioned above regular checking of liver enzyme testing should be made especially if you have ever experienced jaundice. This Liver enzyme test will help you curing and preventing your liver diseases by early detection because if the Liver damage is found and treated at earlier stages it more often results in favorable outcomes.