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iPhone 6 To Be Launched In August

iPhone 6 To Be Launched In August

A wonderful news for the Apple fans is that Apple is Launching its iPhone 6 4.7 inches screen variant in August of 2014. Previously it was scheduled to be launched in the month of September in 2014. The other models of iPhone 6 with bigger screens will still be launched in September.

All the previous versions of iPhone made success stories but in past few years apple have lost its sales due to fierce competition from Android and Samsung mobiles. iPhone customers are hoping that the new version which will be iPhone 6 will bring many new features and functionality into the arena. There are many rumors about the new features that will be offered and included in this new iPhone 6.

Some of the new features can be a much better camera in iPhone 6 than the previous versions. The processor will be and advanced one , will have more cores and surely be faster than the previous versions of iPhone. Although not confirmed but a possible good feature in iPhone 6 will be its ability to charge it via wireless as some models of Nokia already charge using wireless

Benefits Of Marketing For Small Business

Benefits Of Marketing For Small Business

Marketing is one of core area where not only small business need to focus but every business should make a strategy for marketing itself. Small business specially home based business usually rely most on marketing. They can make Multi dimensional marketing strategies like mailing their newsletters and attending and putting their booths in festivals and places of public gathering.

Other must things to do for small businesses in order to market themselves more effectively is internet marketing which is really effective now a days. There are many avenues for online and internet marketing. One dimension is that they make their website more search engine friendly by creating more relevant content. Other think they need is listing their websites into web directories which will help they get more visitors to their website. Small business also need to submit their websites to old directories like DMOZ and new directories like which can help them get some visitors. Next step to this online marketing campaign can be to make sure that the website have good social media presence. This task of social media promotion can be done by the small business owners by themselves or they can hire the services of professional people to get them started.

A universal method of building a good future business is to never lose old clients and also get reference from old clients to build loyal clientele. This can only be done if the business owners are humble and respond to customers queries in a timely manner. Once these steps are taken a small business will go successful and will eventually grow as more and more people know about them and the number of clients increases.

Sending Money Through Google Glassess

Soon people may use Google Glassess to send money to any body around the world and that will be possible with just a voice command. Google have been testing and will be implementing soon so that the transfer of money would be possible using Google Wallet.

Sending the payment or money using Google Glassess would be the easiest way to send money to some one and will be very efficient. It will even be more convenient than using mobile phone for payment or credit cards if this technology became widely adopted. Till now Google Glassess are not used by many people but with the passage of time as it become more and more common so will be the this payment system and it have the potential to become widely used payment method of the future.

Reasons For Child Obesity

Reasons For Child Obesity and Overweight

Obesity is a disease which is very common not only among adults but is now also getting common among children. A recent survey carried by National Health and Nutrition indicates that 17% of children having age 6 years are obese and overweight and the main reason for child obesity is inactivity and over eating specially junk food. Obesity is known as a reason to a lot of other very major and known diseases for example diabetes type 2, blood pressure and other heart problems. Once a child is caught in any of those serious health problem than it is very difficult to overcome the obesity problem. There are a number of factors that contribute to obesity.

One of the most important reasons for obesity and being over weight in children and kids is lack of exercise. Now a day majority of the children prefer indoor activities and staying at home and therefore get very little exercise or chances to burn their calories. Adding to this is the advancement in technology, The introduction of laptops, mobiles and several other gadgets has reduced the physically activity of the children. They prefer sitting the whole day and surfing the internet or playing games online. Consequently children do not burn their calories and become obese. However there are only a very number of children who are very conscious about their fitness and weight. Hence they exercise and maintain their weight.

Excessive eating is another reason for obesity in children. Some children eventually develop the habit of eating. They just get addicted to eating and are most of the time eating. They consume more calories than required and end up being fat. This can be avoided if the child consumes food which calorie is free and mostly made up of fibre. A child would not have to work hard to get rid of their habit.

It is important that the children are made aware of the good foods which are also physically active as it may motivate children to do physical activities. They should be able to distinguish between the good healthy foods and the unhealthy ones. They should avoid choosing high fat and sugary foods and consume fruits and low calorie foods. This way they would not only be fit but they will also have good hair and skin. They should be made aware through their parents.

Another reason for which a child would have to strive a lot is the obesity due to genetic reasons. In this the child naturally has a slow metabolic rate and hence become obese and over weight. This can be dealth by adopting healthy habits so that the child is able to maintain physical and mental fitness. Similarly regular exercise, healthy meals and avoiding fast foods might control the situation.

Now a day people are very much inclined towards fast food. Especially children love to eat fast food. Burgers, French fries and pizzas are their most favorite. The fast food is very oily and high in calories but low in nutrition. Fast food also contains a handful amount of bad fats which are harmful for the child body and health. Occasional consumption of Fast food is not harmful however too much fast food in diet can lead to obesity.

Obesity can be avoided in adults and children by a good healthy diet with low calorie food and regular exercise. The parents should work hard in making their children active. This would help the child to be physically and mentally fit and regulate blood circulation. Due to obesity children face a lot of social problems. They are bullied in school are other students taunt them about their obese structure. In this way they get mentally disturbed.

Google Wallet Cards Can Now Be Ordered

Now one can can order Google wallet cards and these cards can then be used just like people use other debit cards on stores and for shopping. The balance in Google wallet can be utilized via this physical card and this card can also be used as a Credit card.

This is a good move by Google as the competitors of Google wallet like PayPal and others offer similar facilities to their customers and does also offer credit cards and visa card with the help of which people can use their balances to make purchase. With this move some are expecting that Google may some day be able to challenge PayPal as most preferably online payment method as Google already operates in more countries than PayPal.

Russia Boeing 737 crash At Moscow Killing More Than 40

According to the sources a aircraft have crashed while landing at Moscow Airport killing more than 40 people. As the more details will come from the accident site more will be known about the reason of this Moscow airport crash.

Google Glass Music

Google Glass will be offering music and the person wearing Google Glasses will be able to play and search the music. After wearing Google Glasses the person wearing it can order any song and will be able to play that song. On top of that Google will be introducing earphones to work with Google glasses that will help the person hear to the songs after plugging earphone for Google Glasses in to ears.

According to Google it will be a very nice and easy way to hear music in this manner and the favorite music and songs can be heard any time the person wants. At this time one can only predict that there is a big scope for this market and Google will be making huge money as more and more people get Google Glasses. Also in the future there may be many more services to be offered on Google Glasses.

At the time there is no major competition and rivals of Google glasses so its a good time for Google to get loyal customers before other companies launch their models of Glasses or any other real competitor of Google Glasses.


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