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Russia Boeing 737 crash At Moscow Killing More Than 40

According to the sources a aircraft have crashed while landing at Moscow Airport killing more than 40 people. As the more details will come from the accident site more will be known about the reason of this Moscow airport crash.

Google Glass Music

Google Glass will be offering music and the person wearing Google Glasses will be able to play and search the music. After wearing Google Glasses the person wearing it can order any song and will be able to play that song. On top of that Google will be introducing earphones to work with Google glasses that will help the person hear to the songs after plugging earphone for Google Glasses in to ears.

According to Google it will be a very nice and easy way to hear music in this manner and the favorite music and songs can be heard any time the person wants. At this time one can only predict that there is a big scope for this market and Google will be making huge money as more and more people get Google Glasses. Also in the future there may be many more services to be offered on Google Glasses.

At the time there is no major competition and rivals of Google glasses so its a good time for Google to get loyal customers before other companies launch their models of Glasses or any other real competitor of Google Glasses.

Way To Promote Websites

Way And Tips To Promote Websites

Every website and business owner have a desire that his business rank well on search engines because after all the basic purpose of building a website is to get more exposure and more relevant visitors to website. Many methods exist which the webmasters use for marketing and promotion but some may be better than the others.

There are quite a few methods like listing on web directories and social medial web sites. Some of the old directories are Yahoo and DMOZ and there are many new web directories out there and one of them is http://www.ipromotiondirectory.com . Since the inception of internet and then search engines for finding relevant websites where one can find the information needed it have become very important to market the websites. The reason for marketing a website is that it can show and rank well on search engines.Making a good social strategy like making new Facebook fans and good twitter profiles to attract more loyal visitors is also a must these days as search engines does count every thing including social signals now a days.

Amazon Quarter Loss And Its Future

Amazon have posted a loss of around 40 million this quarter but the stocks seems to be surging to all time high. The major reason that Amazon was in loss last quarter is that Amazon is spending aggressively to build new warehouses to make shipping more viable, efficient and inexpensive. The sales have improved to around 17 billion dollars from around 13 billion dollar which is inverse to its competitors.

Amazon is gaining ground and this have resulted in increased sales compared to other online shopping stores. Amazon also launched new Kindle Fire which was largely appreciated by its users and customers and is one reason of surging sales at amazon.com. Amazon is quickly expanding and so is its employee base which numbers to around 110,000 . The news of increased sales have given positive hopes to the investors at stock market and this have bring bearish trend for amazon stocks.

Although the news of net loss may not seems good for some investors but as the amazon keep on investing in itself the profits will soon return one the expansion it is making completes resulting in more profits surge.

Side Effects & What To Expect After Heart ByPass Surgery

What To Expect And Side Effects Of Heart Bypass Surgery

A heart bypass surgery is basically done to treat the coronary arteries or any heart disease of the heart in which the arteries are blocked. Doctors decide to do heart-bypass if the side effects of surgery are lesser than the bypass benefits. Hence to make way for the blood flow another pathway for the blood is created. After surgery the patient is supposed to spend 1 or 2 days in an intensive care unit (ICU). During time of bypass surgery it is very important to check the patient’s heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels.

In the patients arm’s vein an intravenous line (IV) will likely be inserted. This IV line will enable the doctors to insert any medicine in the blood to control blood circulation and blood pressure. A tube in the bladder is likely to pass to drain urine and a tube to drain fluid from your chest. The breathing tube will remain in the throat for some hours unless until the person is able to breathe on his own. In the ICU the person would most probably be bandaged on the chest incision (cut) and on the areas where an artery or vein was removed for grafting. After leaving the ICU after 2 or 3 days the person would be moved to a less intensive care area of the hospital for 3 to 5 days before going home.

Home recovery period After Bypass

When the patient gets back home they feel slightly different from the way they used to feel back then. They would feel tired all the time. After getting back home for 3 to four weeks one must take care of the healing of the incision, be in contact with the doctor, regularly check the body temperature, the heart hare, blood pressure and the chest wound.

Side effects of heart surgery

A. Discomfort or itching from healing incisions

After every type of surgery the patient has to go through this pain of the stitches and the wound. When the incision is being healed the person undergoes a kind of itching and feels discomfort. However it is very important to take care of the cut and stitches after the surgery. Chest pain around the site of the chest bone incision is very common after heart bypass surgery. Full recovery from these pains may take 6 to 12 weeks or more.

B. Swelling of the body area where artery was removed

One of the common side effects after a heart bypass is the swelling which is experienced by several people after the surgery. The patient must not panic in this situation but if it worsens then they should contact the doctor.

C. Muscle pain in the shoulders and the upper back after Bypass Surgery

After the surgery when the patient gets back home they feel tired for two to three weeks and also feel pain in the shoulders and upper back. Due to this pain they always feel like lying down or not doing any physical activity. Even after a nap in the afternoon they feel tired.

D. Fatigue , sudden change in mood , or chronic depression

Since the patient feels unusual for the first weeks they either feel depressed and stressed or tired at some times of the day.

E. Problems in sleeping or sometime loss of appetite
One of the side effects After the surgery or heart bypass is that the patient also faces problems regarding sleep. Sometimes they are awake during some hours of the night or sometimes asleep all day long

F. Constipation After Bypass

The digestive system of the person might get disturbed for a couple of days. Hence it is very important to take in a healthy diet recommended by the doctor and use of fruits should be necessary. These side effects are normal for a person after the heart bypass surgery. However if they feel that the problem is getting worse then they should get a checkup from the doctor

The patient’s doctor will advise them when they can start physical activity again. However, it varies from person to person, but there are some typical time frames devised by specialist doctors to follow up. In most of cases people can resume sexual activity within about 4 weeks and driving after 3 to 8 weeks. It is common to return to work after 6 weeks, unless your job involves physical activity.

Care Heart after Heart Bypass Surgery

It is very important to take extreme care after any surgery. An open heart surgery requires more care. Care after surgery includes periodic check up with doctors, different tests like EKG, Stress testing, ECG and sometime CT scan is also advised. These tests will enable doctor how your heart is working. It should be kept in mind that heart bypass surgery is not a cure and your doctor may advise you lifestyle changes to stay healthy in future. Lifestyle changes may include changes in your diets, quitting smoking, doing some physical activity and try to lower stress. If possible you may choose to follow Dean Onrush program of reversing heart diseases.

It is also very important to take follow up medicines prescribed by your doctor a part of care after surgery and to avoid serious heart surgery side effects. The doctor may prescribe medicines to manage your pain after during recovery, lower cholesterol, blood pressure, reducing the risk of blood clots forming.

Amazon Vendor Flex With Procter & Gamble

Amazon is trying to approach leading vendors to ship directly from their warehouses rather than the items come to amazon store first and then shipped. This may save precious time and also save cost and will give amazon.com advantage on its rivals. This move may make Amazon customers happy but for some of its competitors this is not a welcoming news and the competition for them with the above scenario will become more and more difficult.

Specially Procter & Gamble and some other vendors which sell big items like diapers and toilet papers are a major target for amazon while making this Vendor Flex deal. This deal will also help amazon to carry more high price items with more margins as the space becomes free from bulky items.

Diabetes And Foot Care

Diabetes And Foot Care Importance

The problem with diabetes is that it causes nerve damage which reduces sensation in human feet. Small injuries may become infected and cause more problems in diabetic patients than a normal person. Diabetes also affects blood flow in legs and feet, making it difficult for cuts or sores to heal properly and effectively. In case of diabetes a small infection especially on the feet can become very serious. It has been observed that foot infection is the most common reason for hospitalization for people with diabetes and these foot ulcers due to non-healing wounds are the primary causes of surgical procedures in people with diabetes.

However, with a little bit foot care, it is estimated that as many as half of these surgical removal operations could be prevented. To make sure that one doesn’t have to face such problems they should handle each and every thing regarding their feet seriously. For example the decision of their shoes, socks, nail cutter and much more should be handled with extra care.  They may also search for foot care products, get a foot care massage and make use of home remedies to prevent any problems. It is also necessary for people to be aware of the problems that are commonly suffered by diabetic’s patient. These include Corns and Calluses, Blisters, Bunions, Ingrown toenails,

How to avoid Corns and calluses?

This is a problem of thick layers of skin caused by too much rubbing or pressure on the same spot. This is a problem which anybody can face and to avoid more bad results one should not rub if they feel any kind of itchiness on their skin. Similarly they should avoid wearing heels so that the pressure on the front part of the foot is not more than the heel.

How are blisters formed?

Blisters are formed by rubbing the shoes on the same spot, or by wearing tight shoes that do not fit or wearing shoes without socks. Hence a diabetic patient must avoid wearing tight shoes and rather wear loose shoes.

Bunion and diabetes
A bunion is the slanting of the big toe toward or sometimes inwards the small toes creating a bump at the base of the big toe. It may also be caused by the unusual enlargement of the tissue or muscle. This spot can get red, sore, and infected. A bunion is often inherited and it is the result of wearing shoes with pointed toes.

Importance of toe nails for diabetic patients

Ingrown toenails occur normally when an edge of the nail grows into the skin which results in red and infected skin. Ingrown toenails may be the result of cutting into the corners of your toenails during trimming. This condition can also be caused by wearing shoes that are too tight. Hence, one can now understand how important it is to wear appropriate shoes and cut nails with care

Virus caused problem: Plantar warts

are generally formed on the bottom of the feet or on the toes. These warts are caused by a virus and non-usage of shoes. They tend to go away without any surgical treatment. A person is sure to be lucky if he/she gets this and is able to recover by taking care and making use of tips only. If these warts are left untreated then the patient might have to suffer a lot of pain.

Effect of diabetes on Hammertoes

Hammertoes form in case of weakness in a foot muscle or are caused by wearing high heels or poorly fitted shoes. This bends the bone of the foot making it look like a hammer. The affected areas may become sore. Since, during diabetes the flow of blood is not perfect that is why a diabetes patient faces this disease. It can cause problems in walking and in finding comfortable shoes. To get rid of this problem one has to get a surgical treatment.

Dry skin problems for diabetes patients

Dry skin is another problem in which cracks appear on the foot surface allowing germs to enter causing discomfort for person to walk. These cracks mostly appear on the heels and then the skin starts to come off which results in pain. This is not only common among diabetic’s patients but it is also one of the common foot problems for a normal person. To make sure that one doesn’t have to face this they should apply any lotion or Vaseline daily and keep their keep skin moisturized most of the time. T

Athlete’s foot and Diabetes

This disease is caused by a fungus which is transmitted in areas where most of the time people walk barefoot. The fungus causes redness, swelling and cracking of the skin. The affected person goes through a lot of itchiness on the foot.  There is not a solid way to avoid this but a person should avoid sharing towels, foot wear and showers. A person with athlete’s foot has to undergo through various treatments therefore they should take care.

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