Jet Stream is the flow of Air found in Earth atmosphere. So Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about jet streams.

What is Jet Stream

Jet streams is fast air moving above sea level. There are many types of jet streams on earth with various directions and various reasons but the Jet-stream most important is westerly winds which are the Jet Stream Winds flowing from West to east.

What are strongest Jet Streams
The strongest jet streams is called  the polar jets and it is about 7-12 kilometer above the surface of Earth sea level.

What is the Cause of Jet Stream
The cause of jet stream are various forces effecting earth and the forces itself by earth. These forces include Gravity, Rotation of earth both around its axis and around the
sun, Atmospheric temperature changes due to sun heat.

What is the effect of Jet Stream on Airplanes or aircraft
Jet streams do have significant effect on aircraft as air moving with speeds of more than 50 miles per hour moves from west to East. So most of the times if you are traveling from West to East you will travel faster and your speed will be you actual speed plus the speed of jet stream pushing you in its direction. On the other hand if you are traveling from East to west you will most probably be travelling against the jet stream which will increase your flying time.

What is the speed of Jet Stream
Speed of jet stream air speed is usually in between 100 to 300 miles per hour.

Jet stream forecast
Jet Streams can be foretasted before an air travel . However this forecast changes with time as does the forecast of weather. The pilot uses jet stream to get advantage and fly in such a manner to reduce the consumption of fuel by their aircraft.