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What is the reason that Cancer is difficult to treat and Cure

There is a lot of research going on in the world to find a cure for the deadly disease of Cancer. Although the cure of cancer have not been found yet but still due to the better screening and early detection the survival rate amongst the people diagnosed with cancer is improving. Cancer as a disease has more than one  reason to start and for thats why Cancer is to difficult to cure. To understand why Cancer is so tough and hard to cure you have to know first that what Cancer is and what are the reasons for Cancer in human beings.

Actually there are 100 s of types of Cancer and there is a different treatment and cures for every type of Cancer. Some types of Cancer are widely spread and some are very rare forms of Cancer. Every type of Cancer have different reasons and the the treatment method is difficult and distinct for every form of Cancer. Some Cancers will respond to Chemotherapy and radiology while other will respond to other treatments.

Other reasons that the cancer is very tough to treat are that the most common types of Cancer like breast Cancer have more drugs available due to more research on these types of common Cancers. Most of the times your doctors will try to shrink the Cancerous tumors and then later on remove the left over mass with the help of surgery.

There are wide variety and ways to cure and treat Cancer in different health establishments. Naturopaths believe that the Cancer can be cured with the help of some special foods and supplements and it is our life style and food which is responsible for increasing the rates of Cancer . On the other hand Homeopaths think that there some other problem in the body and as a result of that problem the Cancer tumor has begun and  Homeopath will therefore try to find out reasons for Cancer and the root problems why it started and then try to treat Cancer.

What ever the treatment may be but all agree to one thing and that is if a person is detected in early stages of Cancer then there is a better chance to cure the disease. The reason for this is that to treat a tumor at early stages is easy as there is a good chance that the cancer has not conquered other parts of the body at earlier stage and even if you do surgery or follow other medical regime there is a greater chance that the Cancer can be cured at this stage and it will not Come back in form of recurrence.

How to prevent diabetes

Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes Type 2 can be prevented as by changing life styles and by knowing that what to eat to prevent Diabetes. Diabetes as we all know is a very common illness and the simple reason for Diabetes is insufficient insulin supply to absorb glucose uptake. There are two types of diabetes  namely Type I and Type II. Type II diabetes can be prevented by following a prevent diabetes diet and also by exercising and doing walk on a regular basis. The natural way to prevent diabetes is a wise thing to do because otherwise you have to take medications which might have other side effects. Diabetes patients can also ask their doctor about cure diabetes diet and make your own food menu keeping in mind of the foods for diabetes patients which they like and can tolerate easily without causing harmful effects. As far as Type I of diabetes is concerned people who are born with the condition have to bear with it as Type I of Diabetes is not preventable. Type II Diabetes often develops during one’s life as result of lifestyle habits also known as age related diabetes. Since type II diabetes is in many ways a response to a chronic lack of balance within the body, it is a fairly preventable disorder.

Walk to cure diabetes

Top most important thing implicated in the development of Type 2 diabetes is excess weight. Research has proved that weight loss can delay and prevent Type 2 diabetes. Obesity is a strong risk factor for Type 2 diabetes. However small changes in diet and physical exercise like including walk for preventing Diabetes can greatly improve the chances of not developing Type 2 diabetes.

When we talk on the ways on how to prevent diabetes, it is worthy to be aware that certain people have more chances of developing diabetes while some have lesser chances . The first group with higher risk factor needs to be extra careful and need to be better informed on controlling diabetes and beating it with food and doing other stuff like walk, jogging and taking good food. Specially for Pre-diabetic persons, which means they have a higher glucose in their blood than normal. It is essential to take action in changing one’s lifestyle and nutritional choices. The earlier you take action against developing diabetes the better it is for your health and severity of the disease.

Food to prevent diabetes
A combination of healthy eating ,taking good foods and regular physical activity are the best ways toward how to prevent diabetes. Things like Sodas , burgers and other fast food items like pizza etc must not be taken if you want to follow and cure diabetes. You must avoid the fast food  diet because all of these foods contains too much sugar and starch and too much of sugar and starch are not tolerable for a patient .

Healthy foods to prevent diabetes includes consuming less refined foods, less calories food to cure diabetes, and more fresh fruits and vegetables. Even the diabetes patient will have to be cautious with the fruits as he must not take the fruits which are very sweet or with very high glucose content. It must be tried at all times to eat whole and natural foods and avoid processed foods. Drinking a good amount of water is also very important tip to prevent diabetes for people suffering from diabetes. Also patients and those with high risk factor of diabetes must have a high fiber intake in the foods to prevent diabetes naturally or to fight better once the conditions develops.

Risks Factors to prevent diabetes type 2

It is really a very important thing for people who have diabetes in their family history and particularly in the middle aged and elderly populations, to be mindful that what their risks Factors for developing diabetes are. If you have diabetes in your family like one of your parent have diabetes you have much higher risk of developing diabetes in any stage of life. Within at-risk populations repeated screening is essential for diagnose as it can give one a good idea of the body responses to glucose, and therefore the risk of diabetes that may be present.

People who have diabetes must know that there is no need to be panic as there are preventative measures for diabetes you can adopt. Also if the disease get worse over time there are many medications available that in the market and you have to discuss this as soon as possible with your family doctor to manage diabetes effectively. Diabetes should not be taken lightly because it is an serious illness. Diabetes patient also develops problems with their circulation of blood in the body and their healing power become very slow. For that particular reason surgeries are more riskier in diabetes patients and the surgeon will in fact suggest the patient to control their blood sugar level as much as they can before they can undergo any type of surgical treatment.

So in the end we conclude that there are certain steps to manage and prevent type 2 diabetes. However to for the prevention of diabetes a person really must know and must have a clear plan in his mind to prevent diabetes and thus avoid complications of this dangerous disease. Also  there are two things that we have mentioned above are the most important to do to avoid diabetes naturally.

The prevention and cure of diabetes seems a very simple thing to do but people now a days are finding it very difficult to manage their life styles. The two things which are DIET and Exercise are the things that must be done to get better results. People must also try to know as much information as possible about the diseases they have so that they can make educated decisions about their health. Sounds simple, but doing these things will greatly increase your chances at avoiding diabetes

For more information about Diabetes you can do more research on these topics related to diabetes. These topics are food to prevent diabetes, prevent diabetes naturally, how to prevent diabetes type 2, prevent diabetes diet, tips to prevent diabetes, cure diabetes naturally, walk to cure diabetes

Adobe Photoshop Artistic Colored Pencil Filter Tutorial

ARTISTIC FILTER: Colored Pencil Filter
The Colored Pencil tool as the name implies is used so as to give an image an effect which looks as the same as if it’s drawn with the help of a colored pencil. It is one of the most commonly used tools for the abstract designers in Adobe Photoshop.




The Control Panel of this Filter includes Pencil Width, Stroke Presure and Paper Brightness from your Adobe Photoshop screen.

In the screenshot the minus sign is used for decreasing the size of zoom and plus sign is used for increasing the size of zoom. Right below the preview of the picture Pencil Width tool is given along with Stroke Pressure and Paper Brightness options.

First of all the image is given in a separate window and a sign of minus (-) and a sign of plus (+) are given in order to control the preview of the effect. The zoom percentage ranges from 16% till 1600% that is maximum depending on the image size.

The Screenshots of Minimum and Maximum Zoom are as under:
Zoom 33%

Zoom 1600%

The main tool used in this Artistic Colored Pencil Filter is Pencil Width tool. The user is supposed to select the Width of the Pencil ranging from 1-24. 1 is for very thin pencil width and 24 are for selecting a thick width respectively.

Stroke Pressure depends on the Foreground and Background Color which is chosen by the user. Range of Stroke pressure is between 0 and 15.

Lastly the Paper Brightness tool is given which has got the range of 0-50. 0 is for less brightening up of image and 50 is for maximum brightness the tool can offer.

Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Benefits of Mushrooms

Mushrooms have often been used for thousands of years both as food and for medicinal purposes. Some mushrooms however are not edible and should never be taken because of their poisonous properties. So before taking any type of Mushroom care must be taken to make sure that what type is the mushroom before eating it. They are normally classified as a vegetable or a herb, but Mushrooms are actually Fungi.
Most types of Mushrooms do contain about 80 – 90 percent of water, and usually very low in calories and hence they are also good for obese people. Content of Sodium in most varieties of Mushrooms is very little. Mushrooms are therefore ideal food for persons who are desirous in weight management program and have overweight and a good diet for hypertensive people. Mushrooms are an excellent source of potassium and Potassium helps lower elevated blood pressure and is usually associated to reduce the stroke risks. Some types of Mushrooms are very rich in potassium like potportabella mushroom has even more potassium than a banana. Most of Mushrooms types are also very rich in copper which is good for health of heart and other cardio related functions.

Mushrooms And Cancer
Mushrooms are a rich in other essential nutrients like riboflavin, and selenium. Selenium as most of the people know is an antioxidant that is necessary for immune function too and this Selenium in Mushrooms works with vitamin E to protect healthy cells in human beings from the damaging effects of free radicals. As mushrooms protect our bodies from the bad effects therefore it is believed that Mushrooms are good for people with Cancer or have more tendency of getting Cancer in any part of their life due to their genes or poor Environment condition. Many researches have been done to study the effect of Mushrooms on Cancer. Although the results are not so concrete and American Cancer Society do not recommend that you believe on these claims but still there have been many clinical trials which are in advanced stages are being conducted which shows that there is some truth and relationship between controlling or curing Cancer with Mushrooms. Some Mushrooms which are believed to be more beneficial are Shiitake Mushrooms and Maitake Mushrooms . There are more researches and various articles on the effects of Mushrooms on Cancer and one research concluded that Male health professionals who consumed twice the selenium reduced their risk of prostate cancer by more than 50 percent. There is another study which was conducted in Baltimore study on Aging and they concluded that men who have the lowest blood selenium levels were more likely to have Cancer especially of the prostate. Vitamin D along with Calcium is present in Mushrooms so Calcium in Mushrooms is highly absorb-able. Vitamin D itself is believed to a must include for anticancer diet because it is believed that people who live at higher altitudes where sunshine is less and thus Vitamin D is less have higher incidences of Cancer.

Also in some countries the Mushrooms have been approved as an alternate cancer therapy. It has also been find recently that white button mushrooms significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer, other cancers  and prostate cancer significantly without having any adverse side effects. The reason for this is that extract from white button mushrooms decreased the proliferation effect in the cells of human beings and hence was helpful in decreasing size of the tumor. Some people who believe in herbs also believe that if you take 100 grams of mushrooms daily its equal to taking a full treatment of Chemotherapy. So there is still a lot of research going on the benefits of Maitake Mushrooms and the benefits of Shiitake Mushrooms. Shiitake Mushroom can be found easily in the Grocery stores however if you want to buy Maitake Mushroom to get benefits than you have to go to some herbal shop.

Mushrooms For Diabetes:

Being a very low energy and sugar diet, mushrooms can be an ideal diet for diabetics. Again they contain absolutely zero fats have no cholesterol which means that Mushrooms in diet is good for Obesity and heart conditions. Mushrooms are high in proteins which is good for muscles. They have multiple types of Vitamins and minerals and are high in fiber and water. Mushrooms have long been used for natural cures in ancient civilizations like they are used to treat many diseases and condition in China. Usually raw mushrooms are not consumed and their extracts are consumed to increase the potency and for producing desired effects. Most types of Mushrooms contain natural such enzymes which will have a healthy effect for people suffering with diabetes as they will help breaking down of sugar from the food and make food easier to digest. Mushrooms various kinds also contain certain compounds which will help not just diabetes but also working of glands which will help in proper formulation of insulin by pancreas. Pancreas is a large gland which produces insulin which helps metabolism of sugar and when the Mushroom will help your pancreas work in a better and efficient way your diabetes condition is bound to improve by the use of that particular type of Mushroom. People with Diabetics will also suffer from many other complications and conditions like they will catch more infections and they will also get problems related to circulation. The use of Mushrooms for diabetes will thus have an indirect effect on all the conditions that comes with diabetes. There are also natural antibiotics in the mushrooms which will help to kill the harmful bacteria while not causing any harm to the useful ones.

Mushrooms for Immune system:

Ergothioneine is a useful anti oxidant which is present in Mushroom and Mushrooms helps improve immunity in Human beings. This antioxidant is powerful for immune system and enhances the immune system and there fore consuming Mushrooms is healthy for Health.  Because of its tremendous healing power and natural antibiotics presence in Mushrooms penicillin is also a sort of extract from Mushrooms which asserts that it Mushrooms are natural antibiotics and possesses great benefits for Health. Mushrooms are also helpful for ulcers and wounds and will help the wounds getting infections. So if a person gets infected very easily and have to take antibiotics then he must try to include Mushrooms in his regular diet as a remedy to infections.

Other Additional Health Benefits of Mushrooms:

Mushrooms are the only vegetable which contain vitamin-D in edible form. Mushrooms have plenty of calcium which is a requirement for healthy bones , skull and teeth . They also have iron in them which is good for maintaining healthy hemoglobin levels and thus prevent anemia and maintain overall health and well being of a person . They also have potassium good for hypertension and lowering of blood pressure. The selenium benefits have already mentioned In detail above. Usually The best source of selenium known is Brazil nuts and animal proteins so specially for vegetarians it is must to include Mushrooms in their diet so that they do not become deficient in Selenium.

For more help on this topic you can do more search on Medicinal Mushrooms, Maitake Mushrooms benefits, Mushroom recipes , Shiitake benefits for health etc


HTC One S is one of the latest phone that was released in April 2012. This phone is very hot in the market and its sales according to some consumer sites is going well beyond expectations.

HTC One S specs :
The operating system in HTC one S is Android OS, v4.0 and this phone comes with a chipset Qualcomm MSM8260A Snapdragon. The central processing unit of this phone is Dual core 1.5 GHZ Krait which is a really powerful CPU. HTC One S has got very good sound quality and if you are a fan of songs or listen to songs on the internet or you tube then you will definitely the super sound quality this phone brings. Among the important specs of HTC One S is that it has dual band 3G support.

HTC One S Features

There are many good Features in HTC One S and one of the attractive things about HTC One S phone is its slim size. HTC S One is very light and portable phone when we compare HTC One S with other phones. Also Considering the fact that it has such a great features all carried in this HTC One S it is amazing how one can fit all that in such a light weight gadget. HTC One Mobile Phone is covered by a metal shell which uses a complex process where aluminum is turned into ceramic. The end result of this process is that HTC One S Weight is very light and it is delight to carry around. It is 7.8 mm thin and considering the features that it has, it is an amazing phone to have.

HTC One S storage

HTC One S storage capacity is upto 16Gb with a RAM of 1GB and this is an advantage especially for people who have a lot of data or photos to store. It also allows one to store videos whether they have been recorded or downloaded.

HTC One S Camera

HTC One S camera faces the front while at the same time it has the ability to handle video calls which is again a good feature as we can have a video calling ability. With your HTC One video upto 30 frames per second can be recorded. The phone also has GPS capability with A-GPS. When any body purchases HTC One S he also gets 25GB of free drop box storage that they can make use of in the first two years. This storage is specially important if you record videos from your camera frequently and then get short of storage space than you can store your videos here. HTC one has a 8 MP camera which is auto focus and the HTC One S camera is 3264×2448 pixels.

HTC One S Battery life

The battery this phone have is a Li-Po 1650 mAh with 35 hour of time. The battery time is about 10 hours if you are continuously on a 3G call. Although the weight and size of this phones battery is not so big as its rivals but still HTC One S battery life is very good.

More Features of HTC One S

Other features of HTC One S is that come with the phone include smart dialing and voice dialing. This phone also uses the latest android technology together with lock-screen technology. The phone is also well organized and easy to operate. The menus are well organized and one is even able to filter their contact list according to where the contacts are coming from. The contact also come together with photos and the details of the person.

HTC One S also offers several options when it comes to connectivity. These HTC Phone abilities include GSM, GPRS and edge technology. One is also able to make use of local wireless connectivity with such options as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth also giving one the option of being able to connect with a computer.

There is a 8 megapixel HTC One S Camera and the phone is also capable of producing an LED flash when taking photos and this produces some of the clearest videos and photos you will ever take with reducing the effects such as red eye effect and the photos taken by this HTC S are usually very sharp and good quality. These are just some of the HTC One S specs that anyone looking to get a good phone for their own personal use can get. You can also hear to the FM radio on your phone.

HTC One S Verizon

Till today Verizon wireless is not offering this phone to its consumers. Not only that the Verizon is not offering only this HTC phone but in fact for now Verizon is not offering any phone from HTC.


At&t is offering this phone for 199.99 but for that you have to have a two year contract with At&T to get HTC One S . If you do not want to go in any sort of contract and simply want to have HTC One S from AT&t without any contract then you can purchase HTC One Phone for 549.99 which is no commitment pricing. Currently AT&t is only offering this phone in white and grey color.

We would like to conclude our review about HTC One S with a question that most of the buyers of new and expensive phones would ask and this question is that why should i buy a latest and new phone ? The reasons i can think of are below

There are different and many reasons as to why one would want to have a phone or a smart phone and the reasons can vary from person to person. The primary reason we all get phones is that we are social animals and phone and communication is the medium we can stay in touch with our friends, family and business associates. New phones specially come equipped with the tools by the help of which use of social media like twitter, Facebook , Google plus etc have became very easy. Communication is key in all the things that we do in our daily lives.

Tips For Purchasing A Used Second Hand Car

Tips And Things To Keep In Mind Before Purchasing A Used Second Hand Car

Purchasing a used car or any other automobile can be a very bad experience if after few months you come to realize that the car used car you purchased just a few months ago has now became a headache for you and you now have to spend thousands of dollars to repair it and maintain it. For this very reason you have to be very careful before purchasing a used car and have to investigate that if there is any major accident which the previous owner of the car has not reported it and it can be a possibility that this accident is not showing up even in the history of the used car which you are planning to buy.

Used Car Inspection Tips

Buying a second hand car advice is that you keep in mind few things before making a final vehicle purchase decision. Although this is somewhat rare that a very major accident car accident is not showing up in the car history but still its a possibility and you cannot take any chances because of its high cost consequences. There are many other possibilities and reasons that you must be very careful before you purchase a used vehicle. There fore the most effective tip for purchasing a used car is to try to buy from a person whom you know for example your friend or neighbor. If this is not possible than you must purchase your used car from a good dealer or preferably car manufactures dealerships where they usually also sell used cars. While selling you the used car the dealership will also give you a few thousand miles warranty which can be a very soothing thing especially when the whole amount you spend in buying your used car is at stake.

Used Automobile Purchase Tips

Another good idea or useful tip is that when you are going to see the car to inspect it you can give few bucks to your mechanic and take him with you. If you cannot get your mechanic with you than make a small used car inspection checklist before you leave to have a look at the automobile. Your mechanic will be the best person to tell you about the condition of the used car because they see several cars daily at their workshops and they have very quick in observing the potential problems which can come in the car in near future. Your mechanic can also give you buying a second hand car advice. Before you make your final purchase with your used car make sure that the emission test for used vehicle has been done recently and the used car your are going to purchase has passed the emission test. If emission test is good than this means that your car CO2 emission is satisfactory and its engine is also in good condition. Although there are fluids available in the market which can make a bad engine car to pass the emission test but still this test is very important.

Used Car Inspection Checklist
You can also make used car inspection checklist before you finally go to have a look at that used car before making purchase. Another very important thing you must do is to remove the foot mats of the car and have a look at the body of the car to judge if the car you are planning to purchase does not have a rusted body. You must also do this rusted body test by opening the front bonnet of your car and do a detailed visual inspection. If you are going to inspect the vehicle at night time remember to take car in the garbage or under lights where you can see every small details of the car and can see even if there is a small hint of any thing which can later became a big problem for you.

How To Boost Brain Memory

Ways and How To Boost Your Brain Memory tips

Here we are going to share some tips and ways with you that you can use at your home to boost up your memory. Broadly human memory is of two types which are short term memory and long term memory. Sort term memories are stored in different part of the brain while long term memory is in the different part of the brain. In order to store the events which your brain have to store for long term it has to know whether this thing is important or not. If the brain thinks that the event or any other thing is important it will remember it for a long term. Here we are going to share some tips with you to improve and boost your brain memory. There are many small changes that you can bring to your life if you want to enhance and boost your sort term memory and long term memory.

One very important way to improve your memory function is to remember each thing with association of the other. For example if you want to remember the name of a person you can relate this person to any other person you know whose name you would not forget. This way you will not forget the name.

Another important tip is to know that there is another type of memory called visual memory. This type of memory is commonly more easy to recall. An example of this is that you must have observed that you remember the face and feature of the person more often than his name. So if you try to remember things by there visual appearance than this can also be another way to remember things and boost your brain memory function. For example if you want to remember name of a person “xyz” you close your eyes and visualize “xyz” written . Then next time when you will try to recall his name you can recall his name visually.

Foods to improve memory

There are some foods that are famous for their quality to enhance memory in human beings. These foods are mostly the foods containing Omega 3 fatty acids. The foods good for memory boosting are nuts(especially almond), fish and flax seed. If you include foods with Omega 3 s in your daily diet you are definitely going to benefit not only in your over all health but also your memory.

Exercise to boost memory

Exercise is very important in overall health of human beings. When you do exercise you make sure that your circulation of blood in your body is becoming good. This means that oxygen is reaching well to all the cells of body including brain cells in which the information and memory is stored. This would there fore means that your memory will be boosted if you exercise on a regular basis.

Games to boost brain memory

It has been proved that the people who keep their brain and mind engaged have often better memory over the people who do not use their mind. The simple reason for this is that brain like other muscles of body is a muscle and your brain function and memory will be improved the more you use it. There have been many games to boost memory. These games include computer games and general games like chess.


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