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Here is the list of some travel articles we have put on our site for the sake of our readers. These articles mentioned under are related to travel and tourism.

Maid of the Mist Tickets

Saint Martin Airport

South Beach Hotels And Resorts

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Besuchen Sie Dubai (German version)

Hotels and Flights to IZMIR in Turkey

Majorca-Mallorca Hotel, Villas and TimeShares
Hôtels à Majorque (French version)

Fly to Cape Town South Africa

Mexico Safety Tips For Visitors

Things to do in Las Vegas for Kids

Bondi beach accommodation

As we publish more articles the list will be updated.

Black Friday Walmart 2011

Black Friday Walmart deals 2011

Walmart have recently updated their website which shows few Walmart Black Friday deals Ad . But all of the deals which Walmart will be offering on this Black Friday 2011 are still not shown on their site. Some third party sites are guessing and disclosing BlackFriday Walmart ads 2011. For the benefit of our visitors we are mentioning the Walmart 2011 deals which they will be offering on this coming black Friday in 2011.

On Black friday walmart sales you can find LG 42 inch HDTV 1080p 120Hz HDTV for $549
Hamilton Beach 22-Quart Roaster Oven will be available for $39.00 on Walmart 2011 blackfriday.
Nintendo 3DS Gamer Bundle will be available just for $199.00
Samsung Wide Screen HDTV of 32inches 720p HDTV will be available for $278.00 on Blackfriday day sale 2011 Walmart.
Samsung 40 inches 1080p LCD Television only for $428.00
Samsung Television of 43 inches Widescreen 720p Plasma High Definition Television for $398.00 on Black Friday Walmart Deals.
Blu-ray Movies will be just between 5 to 10 $s. So if you have to sit in your home and just watch movies this holiday season then this holiday season Walmart deal is for you.
Board Games can be bought this blackfriday 2011 from wal mart for $3.88 to $6.88
DVD Movies will just be between  $1.96 to $9.00
Tonka Truck Variety w/ Lights and Sounds – $10.00
Toshiba 65″ 1080p 120Hz LCD TV – $998.00
HP Deskjet 1051 All-in-One Color Printer – $19.00
In black friday walmart laptop deals you can pick HP AMD Dual-Core 17.3 screen size with 4GB of DDR3 RAM and hard drive 500GB just for $388.00
In another Black friday walmart add we found HP AMD with Dual Core processor Desktop having screen size of 19 inches

RCA HDTV of 40 Class LCD 1080p LA45RQ just for Dollars $369.00 on HDTV Walmart Black Friday.
In men shaving section you can find Philips Norelco SensoTouch PLUS $30 eGift Card Value Bundle from $79.97 on this 2011 Walmart Holiday season sales .

Walmart will be unfolding more ADs for 2011 blackfriday and we will try to keep our readers posted about this. If you know any Walmart black Friday advertisement then you can put it as a comment for our review.

Angry Birds Online

Angry bird Game was developed by Rovio Mobile in Finland. The game was available for iPhone and iPod and more than 10 million copies of Angry Birds were sold for Angry Bird Symbian Version only . This game was later developed for other platforms after increase in its popularity. Angry bird online is now available in following versions. Angry bird for iOS , Angry bird Maemo, Angry Bird HP web OS, Angry Birds Android, Angry birds for  Symbian^3, Angry Birds Mac OS X version, Angry Bird Windows Phone 7 Version, Angry bird for Mac OS X, Angry bird for Windows, Angry bird PSP and for PlayStation 3.
You can also play angry bird game free online on some websites but on all free sort of websites which will enable your to play angry birds for free online will only allow you to play up to a certain level.
This game is a puzzle game and if you want to play angry bird on PC you can download angry birds to PC. In this game you have to hit the pigs through birds and kill them . Once you kill all the pigs in this game you will be taken to the next level. Angry birds PC for free will only be restricted up till certain levels. The full version of Angry birds is only available once you purchase it. Again there is a free version for Angry bird which will only allow you to play for free up to a certain level. There are many angry bird seasons available for this game. The most well known and played season of this game is Halloween, Christmas, Valentine Day, St.Patricks Day, Easter Season, Summer, and the Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival season.

Once you download Angry Bird for computer than you need to install the game to run it. This game come in many versions and we are only mentioning some of version here 1.6.4 (Mac OS X) , (Microsoft Windows), 1.6.3 (Symbian, iOS, Android), 1.5.3 (Windows Phone, WebOS), 1.5.2 (Maemo), 1.5.0 (PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3), 1.1.4 (WebGL), The iPhone version of Angry birds is only 99 cents . The price of Angry birds pc version depends upon the version.

What is Jet Stream

Jet Stream is the flow of Air found in Earth atmosphere. So Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about jet streams.

What is Jet Stream

Jet streams is fast air moving above sea level. There are many types of jet streams on earth with various directions and various reasons but the Jet-stream most important is westerly winds which are the Jet Stream Winds flowing from West to east.

What are strongest Jet Streams
The strongest jet streams is called  the polar jets and it is about 7-12 kilometer above the surface of Earth sea level.

What is the Cause of Jet Stream
The cause of jet stream are various forces effecting earth and the forces itself by earth. These forces include Gravity, Rotation of earth both around its axis and around the
sun, Atmospheric temperature changes due to sun heat.

What is the effect of Jet Stream on Airplanes or aircraft
Jet streams do have significant effect on aircraft as air moving with speeds of more than 50 miles per hour moves from west to East. So most of the times if you are traveling from West to East you will travel faster and your speed will be you actual speed plus the speed of jet stream pushing you in its direction. On the other hand if you are traveling from East to west you will most probably be travelling against the jet stream which will increase your flying time.

What is the speed of Jet Stream
Speed of jet stream air speed is usually in between 100 to 300 miles per hour.

Jet stream forecast
Jet Streams can be foretasted before an air travel . However this forecast changes with time as does the forecast of weather. The pilot uses jet stream to get advantage and fly in such a manner to reduce the consumption of fuel by their aircraft.

Black Friday 2011 Bestbuy Deals

Although till today major retailers including Best Buy have not disclosed their Black Friday deals for 2011 but they are leaking their deals these stores will be offering on this Black Friday 2011. Bestbuy has also leaked some deals through some websites . Although these Best Buy BlackFriday deals 2011 which we have found are not 100 % sure as they are not official yet but still for our site visitors some Best Buy black Friday ads 2011 and deals which will be offered by Best buy are below. We will keep on putting more Bestbuy BlackFriday Deals as we find out so keep on checking this page.

Here are some 2011 Best Buy Black Friday Ads and deals

  • Acer 7 inches Android Tablet for $189.99
  • Asus 14 notebook with Core i7 processor having 8GB of ram and HD of 750GB for a price of $699.99
  • Belkin Dual-Band Wireless N Router will be offered by Best Buy on Black Friday for $39.99
  • Canon PowerShot A3300 16 Mega Pixel 5x Optical Zoom Digital Camera for $89.99 will be available on Best buy 2011 Black Friday
  • Garmin nuvi 40LM Portable 4.3 inch GPS will be available for $84.99. This GPS has life time free maps upgrade.
  • Gateway 10.1 inches Netbook with 1GB, 250GB of Hard Disk for $149.99
  • Samsung Laptop Core i7 processor 15.6 with 6GB of DDR 3 RAM and 750GB of hard disk for 799.99 dollars
  • Samsung 280-Watt Soundbar Speaker – $197.99
  • 40 Inch Samsung  1080pixel LCD TV for $427.99 available on Best buy BlackFriday event.
  • Toshiba 14 inches Core i5 Notebook with 6GB of Random access memory and 500GB of HDD for $599.99 will be offered on this Black Friday Deals 2011
  • Toshiba 17.3″ Pentium Laptop with 4GB, 320GB just for $349.99 on Best Buy Black Friday Ad
  • 19 inches Toshiba LED 720p HDTV will be available on Best buy Black Friday Day Sale $129.99
  • Toshiba 320GB  Portable USB Hard Drive just for $29.99

If you you have any information about any other deal offered by Best Buy on the event of Black Friday in 2011 just comment on this post to share this deal with other readers of this site.

St. Saint martin airport

Saint Martin is a beautiful island located on the north side of Caribbean. This island is about 200 miles on the East site of Puerto Rico. This island is divided between France and Netherlands. So one can ask a question that where is St. Maarten Airport on this island. The answer to this is its on Dutch part of the island of Sint Maarten. This island is a wonderful tourist resort and is famous for its beauty and wonderful beaches. There is one more thing that makes this island absolutely unique and that is its st maartens airport.

St maartens airport is also called Princess Juliana International Airport.  So where is st maarten airport and whats so special about st maarten airport The different thing about Saint Martin airport is its proximity to tourism beach and St martin airport landings. So imagine yourself standing on a beach and enjoying st maarten airport landings and see a big jumbo jet arriving just at you. Photographers from all over the world travel to St. Martin to see this wonderful show and flights to st maarten to its Princess Juliana International Airport. The beach is few meters far from runway and when a jet is on a runway and blows out the air the tourist can feel winds of around 100 miles speed or more. When the plane lands at  St saint martin airport it will just pass over your head only a few meters above you. Imagine how would you feel a 747 flying in the air just 4-5 meters above you. The sound of the planes and this amazing show of air planes landings on st Maarten stuns the people. As this is a tourist beach so at every good sunny day there may be 100s of people at the beach enjoying this wonderful thing whenever a airplane arrives.

As Saint maarten is very famous and is a perfect attraction for tourists many flights come here. It gets more crowded in Winter becuase many people from colder climates comes here to enjoy the sun and heat and at the same time enjoy vacations with their families. Air France has regular flights from Paris to st maarting airport. Air Canada offers seasonal flights to Princess Juliana International Airport. Air Transat also offers flights to St martin island. KLM offers direct flights from Amsterdam to St martin all round the year. Dutch people are famous as a tourist and vacation loving people so they come here on KLM in large numbers. They come to Saint Maarten for shopping and fun . Souvenirs from a flight to St Maarten are at the island markets in Marigot and Philipsburg.
Different airline including Airfrance offers direct flights from Paris to St. Maarten. The flight time from paris to St. Maarten Princess Juliana International is usually 9 hours in a direct flight and off season price is around 700 Euros from Paris. During peak season return ticket from France Paris to Saint Maarten International airport can go up to 1000 Euros. In order to get best fares the tickets need to be purchase well in advance to avoid price hikes and end up travelling on upper class.
Many airlines offers flights from major USA cities to St Martin International airport. Continental , Delta, Jetblue , Us Airways and United airlines are to name a few. Other airlines that offer services to St martin island are Insel Air,LIAT,Spirit,St. Barths Commuter,Windward Express Airways

Canada Super Visa

CIC Canada has announced new Canada Super Visa for Parents and grand parents of the people living in Canada. This step has came after a huge backlog off applications for processing of Parents and Grandparent Sponsorship visa for Family Reunification. This Super visa for Canada maximum validity will be 10 years. This Canada supervisa will allow the person to remain in Canada for up to 2 years at a time. The CIC has mentioned on its website that they will be starting Canadian Super Visa from Dec 1st 2011 and the processing time will be a around 8 weeks.

This news has bring a hope and joy among the permanent residents who were hopeless with the current situation and the backlog and were not sure if they would be able to see their parents in their lifetime.
There was a huge backlog for Parental sponsorship applications and the current application timings were around 8 years. The people who applied were very worried and in the media news were coming showing people frustration about these delays.
Also Govt of Canada or Citizenship Canada is putting a hold of two years on new sponsorship application of parents and grandparents. However this new Canada Super Visa will be like a visitor visa in a sense that applicant will not be able to get citizenship even after his stay in Canada for years. Also after the person come to Canada on Super Visa he will not be eligible for the benefits which a normal resident or citizen gets. One of the benefits that the person on Canada Supervisa will obviously not get is the Govt health insurance or Coverage.

This will mean that the people on Super Visas in Canada must have to get their health insurance privately. This will make sure that the elderly people coming to Canada on this Super Visa Category does not become a burden on Canadian health system.
CIC will not accept any new applications for sponsorship in the next 2 years and will finish the backlog. They are also expected to make revisions in their current policy of sponsorship after these couple of years in order to make it more practical and realistic.

To apply for Canadian Super Visa you have to apply in the Canadian embassy or high commission in the country where you currently reside with the proper documents and fees for Super Visa. Like other visas it is always advised that you hire services of an experienced lawyer or attorney to handle your case so that they can guide you properly about the requirements and proper way to make your application. Also CIC have list of attorneys on their website which are certified for people and they advice that it is better if you do you immigration case or any other case through them as these attorneys are trained and licensed.

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