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South Beach Hotels Resorts and Vacation Rentals

South Beach and Miami Beach Florida Hotels Motels Resorts and Vacation Rentals Information

South beach is amongst the most beautiful of USA and in fact the world. It is amongst most best rated beaches in the world. It is not just a beach but a fun house day and night. South Beach is actually a small part of Miami Beach Florida. In South Beach section of Miami beach there are lot of attractions both during day time and night time. As 100 of thousands of people come to south beach each year all over the year so over the period of time thousand of nightclubs , restaurants and hotels have been built.

The tourists come to south beach Florida from all over USA and all over the world. As there are thousands of tourists and vacationers coming and going to south beach Miami there is a big variety and price range of hotels and Vacation Rentals places in south beach. South beach vacation rentals can also be booked from the internet at discounted rates. There are all sort of hotels ranging from 5 star hotels in south beach, 4 star hotels in south beach , 3 star hotels in south beach and 2 star hotels in south beach. Here are some of the best hotels in south beach. Names of some of these luxurious and fine hotels are Congress Hotel South Beach, Wintern Heaven South Beach which is located on Ocean Drive in Miami.The best way to look for a hotel in South Beach is to look South Beach Map and then judge the area where you want to live in. When you are clear after looking at South Beach Map about the location then you can start searching hotels in South Beach Area.

All of these fine and good hotels in South beach offer Mini Bars, 24 hour front desk, Valet Parking, Beach towels and chairs and Concierge service. Most of these hotels also offers nice deals and packages like free breakfasts for their guests. They have Multilingual staff too becuase many tourists arriving in these rental hotels and motels on South Beach are from Europe who donot understand English.
Some other options of staying in Miami beach and south beach are Riviera suites south beach(Located at 2000 Liberty Avenue Miami Beach) Continental oceanfront south beach (located at 1825 Collins Avenue), The palms south Beach hotel and Spa (Location 3025 Collins Avenue), westgate south beach(3611 Collins Avenue, Miami, Florida 33140).These were just to name a few . There are all sort of other hotels in and around this area. Some other hotels on south beach and Miami beach area are The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach, The Palms Hotel and Spa, Shelborne Beach Resort South Beach, The National Hotel South Beach. All of these are world class and finest hotels with outstanding facilities like steam suanuas, special baths, swimming pools. Most of them face beach too. The room with its face towards the beach is generally more in demand and that hotels room sell quick and usually cost more than the room which donot face the beach. If you have booked your hotel through a 3rd party website then make sure to call actual hotel after you get your reservation number to ask them the details of your room and where would it be facing.

It is more likely that you will get a good room if you do your homework with the hotel in Miami Beach and have asked them details before hand. This is specially true if South Beach hotels or Vacation rentals are more busy due to holidays season or some festival going on . Getting a good room is very difficult in these circumstances. It is also advisable to look and bid on internet for cheaper hotels in south beach area to save you some bucks.

Some other good hotels in South Beach flordia are Seacoast Suites Hotel Miami BeachReader Miami Beach having 189 Suites, 66 Resort 6060 Indian Creek Dr. · Miami Beach having 70 Rooms and having 10 Suites, Atlantic Beach Hotel 3400 Collins Ave. Miami Beach having 43 Rooms, Baltic Hotel 7643 Harding Avenue having 12 Rooms, Best Western Atlantic Beach Resort address is 4101 Collins Avene · Miami Beach having 203 Rooms, Canyon Ranch Miami Beach 6801 Collins Avenue · Miami Beach having 150 Rooms

Dell Inspiron R Laptops Deals Price and Reviews

Dell Inspiron R Laptops Deals Price and Reviews

Dell Inspiron R Laptops from dell are powerful and versatile laptops from dell. Dell inspiron R Laptops are a perfect choice for business as well as students because you can configure your Dell Inspiron R laptops according to your requirements and needs from Dell website. Various models of inspiron R series are available like Dell Inspiron 14R, Dell Inspiron 15R and Dell Inspiron 17R. All of these dell Inspiron R models have reviews which are positive showing customers satisfied. When you are shopping from dell website you will have the option to customize your inspiron R notebook. You can purchase a Dell Inspiron R laptop with 6-cell 48WHr Li-Ion Battery (Default battery for Inspiron R).

For some extra cost you can upgrade your Dell inspiron battery and purchase a 9 Cell 90WHr Li Ion battery which will give you more back up time. People who have Dell Inspiron R series Laptops usually like its qualities which are its decent and sleek design and excellent battery life and battery timings in case without power outlet so Dell Inspiron R Series Laptops reviews are very positive. Usually Dell inpiron R series laptops are famous for their outclass performance and durability and their lovely shapes. Another important and infact cool thing about Dell Insporon R Laptops is that it has switchable dell Inspiron lid designs.

This means that you can give your laptops a different looks each day and can pick any color lid for Inspiron R laptops and will have the feeling of a new machine as its getup will be changed by the lid. The inspiron R fancy and stylish lids costs somewhere around 30 to 50 $ and are available huge variety in many colors , textures and designs.

In terms of price and affordability of Dell Inspiron Series R laptops cost you from 500-2500 $ based on the configuration you select for your Dell Inspiron Series R Notebooks. Inspiron R Notebooks does not only offer you various models but it also offer you 3 different sizes of screen display to choose from . While Customization of you Dell insporon R Notebook you can have a 17.3 inch display (1600×900 resolution) or 15.6 inch display (1366×768 resolution) or 14.0 inch display (1366×768 resolution). The defualt option dell store will give you while you are purchasing Inspiron R laptop is a hard disk of 640GB4 SATA. You can upgrade your hard disk to SSD for a extra price.

Solid states drive are although expensive if you add it in you inspiron R notebook but it will give you several advantages like fast data access and increases battery backup times as is uses less energy becuase SSD doesnot have any motor. Dell Inspiron R series Laptops is available with following processors 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i3-2310M processor 2.10 GHz, 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i5-2410M processor 2.30 GHz with Turbo Boost , 2.0 up to 2.90 GHz, 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-2630QM processor 2.00 GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 2.90 GHz. The verstility that you can choose from so many different processors speeds gives you tremendous ability to choose processor of your own choice which suites you budget.

Students can choose Inspiron 15R of 14 inches screen so that they can take it easily to colleges and univeristies if they do assignments there. As mentioned new swappable-lid Inspiron R laptops is a genius idea and people are loving Inspiron R series due to this reason. The dell insprin R series note books comes with 2 USB 3, 1 USB 2 and 1 HDMI port of version 1.4. It also has a built in netword card and a socket for RJ45 to connect it phycally to the network with wire. Despite of all these good things some cusumers complain that the dell inspiron series R laptops are a bit heavy in weight and their fan produces some noise which can be irritating some times. The Dell Inspiron screen is nice and bright and the system is fast enough for general every day use.
All in all we would definitely recommend Dell inspiron series R laptops because of its Dell inspiron cheap price and quality of the product and if you just want to use it for basic tasks.

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Optus iPhone 4S

Optus iPhone 4S

For those of your who are looking for a latest and stylish phone there news is that Optus is offering iPhone 4S from October 14th.  Iphone 4S is a definitely good gadget you will like to get from Optus Mobile Company Australia.
Now you many wonder that if you already have a iPhone 4 then why should purchase iPhone 4s with Optus Cellular. One good reason for this is that 4S has A5 processor which is much faster than its predecessor, It has iOS 5 which apple claims is much secure, easy to operate and only have many applications built in for social media like twitter built in right into your Iphone 4S and iPhone 4S has a improved camera when we compared it to its previous phone iPhone 4G. The iphone 4 had a 5 megapixel camera while iphone4S has a 8 megapixel camera and this feature is good if you take pictures frequently. The Optus Wireless iPhone 4S will be a perfect phone for any one looking for phone, games, movies excitement and fun.

SIRI is another exceptional feature which is available on iPhone 4S. SIRI is an intelligent piece of software built into your 4S and lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings. You can also  place phone calls with SIRI. You can talk to SIRI so your iPhone will become your friend who will try to understand your instructions and will guide you. SIRI understands what you say and it knows what you mean and it will give you a reply.

The current iphone 4S package and plans Optus Mobile currently offering is $49 Optus Cap, $59 Optus Cap , $79 Optus Cap and $99 Extreme Timeless plan which is Unlimited plan from Optus Wireless. When you go with Optus Cellular Wireless you do not have to worry about the Optus iPhone price as it will be covered in you contract.

When you plan to purchase iPhone 4S with Optus you have two options. Either you can pick up your iPhone 4S from a physical location or dealer after ordering from website. The other option is that Optus will ship this device to your address. If you are planning to purchase Iphone 4S from optus online store than you must know that currently they are offering 16GB iPhone 4S Black, 16GB iPhone 4S White, 32GB iPhone 4S Black and 32GB iPhone 4S White through their website. The 64GB 4S iPhones are only available in limited quantity for a limited time and cannot be ordered online and you have to go to nearest Optus wireless store to check availability and price of iPhone 4S.
Iphone 4 vs Iphone 4S if compared side by side dimensions are almost same. Another enhancement in iPhone 4S is the standby time you get. It is more in 4S which means your battery will give you longer time before dying.  So if you are in Australia it is a good news for you that a major wireless operator Optus is offering you iPhone 4S. The Iphone 4S processor is a dual core A5 processor and Apple claims that it can deliver graphics 7 times faster  . This can be a especially amazing and cool for people using their iphones 4S for playing games and will  play games on iPhone 4S frequently. Games usually uses a lot of computational power and there fore need a powerful processor.
Visually there is not much difference in IPhone 4 from apple and iPhone 4S but still we recommend to purchase 4S because of SIRI , Fast speed, stand by time and enhanced operating system . If you don not have that much budget then you can sale your old phone for some and get this new iPhone 4S gadget. For some like students the price is still high.  Optus Australia will check your credit before they can give you iPhone 4S so when you order online Optus will you calling you back to take your personal information so every thing must be handy in order for optus to proceed with your Optus 4S order. If you are going to pick your you iPhone 4S from any store you must call them to arrange a pick up and remember when you go to pick up your iPhone you must bring your IDs for credit check.

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Verizon iPhone 4S

Verizon iPhone 4S
Verizon Wireless iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S, Verizon iPhone 4S price, iPhone 4S package, iPhone 4S games

For those of your who are looking for a latest and stylish phone there news is that Verizon has launched iPhone 4S. There are two programs Verizon has offered by which you can have this new iPhone 4S. The two programs that are offered by Verizon if you want to have iPhone 4-S are Upgrade Early and Trade in and save. Upgrade Early by Verizon wireless is that if you are an existing Verizon customer and want to upgrade your phone to iPhone 4S you have to do a new contract at least of 2 years.

If you have an existing data plans you can renew this data plan too. With the other way of Trade in and save program you can bring any other phone or smartphone either with Verizon wireless or with any other provider. Verizon people will analyze its price and you will get Verizon Wireless gift card of the price of the device which they think your device is worth it. So this way you can TradeIn Your Old Device And Save and also get the new Iphone 4S. Iphone 4S is a definately good gadget you will like to get from Verizon.  However if you dont have any existing package from Verizon or you dont have any other device and is trying to get a new phone than verizon has a package for your to get Iphone4S . With a 2 years contract with verizon wireless you will get a 16GB Verizon iphone 4S for a price of $199.99. You are also required to have a data pacakge. If you want a high end iphone 4S of 32 GB then its the same terms and condions from Verizon Wireless but you have to pay 299.99 dollars price. For a 64GB iphone 4S you will need to pay the price of $399.00.

The other terms and condition are same. Now another important question can be that if you already have a iPhone 4 then why should you go to iPhone 4s. The top reason for this is that 4S has A5 processor which is much faster, It has iOS 5 and iPhone 4S has a improved camera over iPhone 4G. The iphone 4 had a 5 megapixel camera while iphone4S has a 8 megapixel camera. In a comparison Iphone 4 vs Iphone 4S the size has kept almost the same. The stand by time of the new 4S is however better than its previous model So if you are planning to purchase a Apple iPhone 4S from verizon than it will be a good decision as the prcessor now is also dual core in 4S . This can be a espacially for people using their iphones from playing games on iPhone 4S frequently.

Some people however complain that there is not much difference in IPhone 4 from apple and iPhone 4S from people we however recommend that you purchase the latest version if you have that much money and can pay the price very easily.

Dolphin Tale

Dolphin Tale is a family movie which was released on 23rd of September 2011. The Dolphin tale movie was directed by Charles Martin Smith and was edited by Harvey Rosenstock. The music composition of Dophin table film was being created by Mark Isham. Dolphin Tale is doing a good business and is a family oriented film on which you can take along your kids with you and have a wonderful time out there watching the movie.

Dolphin Tale movie opening weekend business was $191,152,401. This is just the business it did in USA. The cast of Dolphin tale film is Harry Connick , Morgan Freeman , Ashley Judd, Kris Kristofferson, Nathan Gamble, McCarthy, Cozi Zuehlsdorff, Winter, Ray McKinnon, Austin Stowell, Jim Fitzpatrick, Austin Highsmith, Kurt Yaeger, Marc Macaulay, Fitch Rus Blackwell, Michael Roark and Juliana Harkavy. Dolphin tale film moved to no. 1 position on the box office on its 2nd week and people are giving very good reviews after watching this movie.
This film is a factual film and is based on a true story and this is not a fantacy film. The general comments of the people that saw Dolphin Tale movie is that the movie is full of fun and you will feel good after watching this great movie and obviously the feel that this is real life as Dolphin tale is a true story. Dolphin Tale movie is therefore a must watch for people who love animals and pets and wants that they too can be treated in a good manner. Dolphin Tale film is also a must watch for kids as it would leave them with everlasting thoughts. The Dolphin Trailer Cast has acted such nicely that you will feel yourself to be a part of the movie. Before you go to watch the
movie you can look at the Dolphin Tale trailer to find out what you can expect. This film is PG. Dolphin Tale movie is different from other movies in a sense that Dolphin Tale neither has a villain like most other films have nor does this film have a big climax. This is a simple and inspirational movie. Sawyer thought of a brilliant idea which saved his handicapped dolphin. His mother was indeed convinced that he is very commited to his cause in saving the Dolphin and helping other living beings.
So we recommend that you go to your nearest cinema , get a ticket for this movie and watch it for yourself. The tickets can also be purchase online from ticket master.


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Why the South Pole is Colder than North Pole

Why the South Pole is Colder than North Pole
Do you even know that temperatures at the north pole does not get as low in winters than it goes on the South pole in Winters. This seems strange that we live on one planet and how can it be like that that two poles which belongs to the same planet have different lower temperatures in their extreme winters. The question that comes to our mind is that why the south pole is more cooler than north pole or the other way around the same question is that why the North pole is warmer than the South pole.
There is one very simple reason for this and the reason that South pole is Colder than North pole is that the North pole has less surface area. By surface area we mean it has less continent area or ground than South pole. This obviously means there is more water area. As we all know that water is good insulator and is not a good conductor of heat or cold. So with lot of water around the temperature of North pole will not vary that much as it varies on the South pole and for this obvious reason North pole in comparison to south pole is not as cold in Winter as the South pole.

Fruit Ninja Game Online Achievements and Cheats

Fruit Ninja Game Online Achievements and Cheats

Fruit Ninja is a Superb and addictive game by  Halfbrick Studios Pty Ltd in Australia. In Fruit Ninja Online you get to experience the fun and excitement of being a ninja.
This game have is now available for various operating systems and platforms.
Fruit Ninja is available for iPod Touch and and can be purchased online through ITunes and appstore. A version of Fruit Ninja is also available online or through corresponding stores for all the phones which supports Android OS(operating System). Window 7 version of Fruit Ninja is also available. Fruit Ninja game is also available for Windows Phone 7 devices and operating systems. Fruit ninja online is also available for Bada OS running devices. An Xbox version of Fruit ninja is also available. Fruit Ninja is so fun and addictive that people absolutely love it and will be addicted. Millions of copy of this game have been purchased and download for iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Android OS in form of APK, Windows Phone 7, Symbian OS Bada OS, Xbox 360 .

Fruit Ninja can be purchase from the corresponding stores like Zune Software, Ovi Store, Samsung Apps. Fruit Ninja game can be played as a single player and multiplayer. Fruit Ninja cheats are also there and if a player knows the cheats and hacks of this game he scores more in the game. Some of Fruit Ninja Cheats are like
Fruit Frenzy    Kill 1000 Fruit Total
Fruit Fight     Kill 150 Fruit Total
Fruit Ninja    score of 50 in Classic Mode
Fruit Rampage    Kill 5000 Fruit Total
Different authorities which gives reviews to games give fruit Ninja a tremendous review scores which is again a prove for its popularity and addictiveness.
To get Fruit Ninja Achievements you must be connected to the internet. Here are some examples of Fruit Ninja achievement mentioned

Get a score of 50 in Classic Mode and get Fruit Ninja 10 Points
Get a score of 100 in Classic Mode and great Great Fruit Ninja 20 Points
Get a score of 200 in Classic Mode and get Ultimate Fruit Ninja 40 Points achievement
There are much more and you can look its details in the game Manual.

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